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Amy’s POV

Louis and I spent the day walking around Paris and going into stores and picking out outfits for each other and trying them on. I was having an amazing time I haven’t been this happy in a really long time. We went back to the apartment and I dropped the bags I was carrying on the floor and plopped down onto the bed and Louis lied down next to me. He grabbed my hand and we interlocked fingers and just laid there for a while and we fell asleep.

-Next Morning-

I wake up to Louis shaking me awake. I groan.


Amy: “What?”

I whined.


Amy: “Why?”

Louis grabs my hand and jerks me up and I almost fall over but Louis catches me and he smirks at me.

Louis: “Good you’re awake!”

I roll my eyes and sigh.

Amy: “What time is it?”

Louis: “One pm and our plane leaves at nine so you need to get up!”

Amy: “Fine.”

I got out of Louis’s grasp and went to the bathroom and changed into some jeans and a shirt and some boots. I walk out and Louis is shirtless and about to put his shirt on. I can’t help but stare at his abs a little. He puts his shirt on and I walk up to him.

Amy: “So what do you have planned?”

Louis: “Surprise.”

Amy: “I hate surprises!”

Louis: “Exactly!”

Amy: “You’re trying to torture me!”

Louis: “No I’m not I’m trying to surprise you because surprises are fun.”

Amy: “Whatever!”

Louis’s POV

Amy: “Whatever!”

She smiles at me and I grab her hand and we start walking around we went to a couple of stores like yesterday and tried on a couple of outfits and then we went to a park. We went to lunch and now it was about seven and the sun was just starting to set so I grabbed her hand and we started running.

Amy: “What are we running for Lou?”

Louis: “Surprise!”

We keep running and we stop and I wrap a blindfold around her eyes and we start walking and we started walking up a lot of stairs and we got to the top and I looked off the top and I un wrapped the blindfold and she gasped.

Amy: “Lou…It’s…amazing.”

We were standing on top of the Eiffel tower and the sun was setting so it looked really pretty. I was about to ask her to be my girlfriend when she pulls out her phone and we take a picture and she checks the time.

Amy: “Louis! We have to go our plane leaves in an hour.”

I sigh and we walk back to the apartment and grab my luggage and get a cab and go to the airport and get back on the private jet that brought us here. Amy fell asleep again with her head on my shoulders. I really wanted to ask her…I wanted it to be special, romantic but I didn’t get the chance because of stupid time. We landed and got a cab back to Harry and I’s apartment and we headed upstairs. I opened the door and we walked in and we sat down on the couch and started watching FRIENDS. I saw Harry walk in and sat next to Amy on the couch.

Harry: “Welcome back.”

Louis: “Thanks.”

Harry: “Hey Lou can I talk to you.”

We both get up and go to the kitchen where Amy couldn’t hear.

Harry: “So?”

Louis: “So what?”

Harry: “Did you ask her out?”

Louis: “Well I was going to but I didn’t get the chance.”

Harry: “Oh.”

Louis: “Yeah.”

Harry: “You like her?”

Louis: “Well yeah…”

Harry: “Oh okay.”

Louis: “Why do you ask?”

Harry: “Just curious…”

Louis: “Okay.”

We walked back to the couch.

Amy: “I better get home.”

Harry: “I can drive you.”

Amy: “Thanks Harry, bye Lou.”

She gives me a hug and her and Harry leave. Why didn’t I drive her home…Why did Harry offer? Maybe Harry likes her too…he was acting kind of strange today…hm.

Amy’s POV

Harry and I get into his car and we start driving towards my house.

Harry: “So how was Paris?”

Amy: “It was beautiful.”

Harry: “Did you have a good time?”

Amy: “Yeah it was really fun.”

Harry: “Do you like Louis?”

Amy: “What do you mean?”

Harry: “Like…are you crushing on him?”

Amy: “I don’t know…”

Harry: “Are you crushing on anyone?”

Amy: “Not sure is Mr. Styles crushing on anyone?”

Harry: “Kind of.”

Amy: “And? Who is it?!”

Harry: “Someone.”

Amy: “Come on you can tell me Haz.”

I gave him the puppy eyes and he looked at me and smiled and shook his head ‘no’.

Harry: “I can’t tell you because it would probably ruin one of my friendships.”

Amy: “What do you mean?”

Harry: “Well my really close friend also likes the girl I like and if I tried to go out with her I would probably lose that friendship or he would hate me.”

Amy: “Oh…”

We got to my house and I sat in the car for a little bit thinking about what he had said and I turned to Harry to wave goodbye but he was already looking at me smiling softly and he leaned in and kissed me. We pulled away and I waved goodbye and went inside to my house. Harry kissed me. He KISSED me. Am I the girl he was talking about? And the friendship he was talking about was Louis. I was sitting on my couch still shocked hugging my knees to my chest…what just happened? I began to text.

To: Harry

Message: Hey…listen Harry I was wondering…am I the girl you were talking about?

Message canceled


Nope. Not going to send it. 

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