Chapter 6-FLAMING KID!!!!

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Chapter 6- Flaming kid!

"... So Valdez, Truth or Dare?" said Rachel. Leo was smiling, he loved this game and watching Jason do the chicken dance had been priceless.

"Dare." He said putting the wind up toy in his jacket pocket and starring at Rachel.

"I Dare you to go find someone that doesn't know about your- gift (Fire) and pretend like you just spontaneously combusted." Leo smiled, this would be fun. He stood up brushed off his shirt.

"I bid you ado my none flaming friends." He saluted then walked out Percys cabin. He walked over to a group of Aphrodite girls that Leo was sure he'd never seen before. He went up to them and waved.

"Hi girls, how we doing today?" the girls giggled.

"Good. It's a little warm though." Said one of the girls.

"Ya, I guess it is a little warm, maybe I'll have to talk to Jason about-"

"Oh my gods! You- you're on fire!" the girl in the middle pointed to Leos head. It was flaming. Leo put his hands up and pretended like he burnt his hands.

"Ahhhh... I am!" he ran around looking like a deheaded chicken. He fell over and acted like he was unconscious. The girls screamed and started running around looking for an Apollo kid. Leo sat up and started laughing hysterically. "Look girls. I'm fine." He held out his hands and the girls starred at him.

Before he knew it he had three red slap marks across his face.

"Ow!" he called after the girls that were heading to their cabin. He grumbled and headed back to the others.

He got back to the cabin rubbing his very sore face. He opened the door and everyone starred at him. They burst out laughing. Nico snickered.

"What happened?"

"let's just say, Aphrodite girls DO slap as hard as people say." Leo rubbed his face and sat down still laughing at him. He let his slap burns subside then he smirked.

"Piper, Truth or Dare?"

"Hey, I've gone! Remember, Apollo?"

"Ya, well I still chose you."

"But- (Me- Piper, let him do it, I'm in charge here.) -Fine."

"So Beauty Queen, Truth or Dare?..."

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