Chapter 20

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Mina's POV

Days, weeks passed by...

Everyday I visited Chaeyoung...

Laying on the same old bed...

Doing nothing but breathing...

Eyes closed...

And today, its another same old day that I visit Chaeyoung. I was still hoping for Chaeyoung to wake up. Everyday I saw him, I felt gulity because I was the reason why he is laying on the hospital bed.

Reached hospital

I walked towards Chaeyoung's room with some flowers in my hand. When I reached outside his room, I saw doctor and nurses in his room. My friends are crowding outside the room, seeing what was going on.

"What's going on?" I asked as I ran toward them

"Chaeyoung already woke up..The doctor is checking on him.." Sana said

I was over the moon when I heard the good news. I could hardly contain my joy. My eyes glittered with tears of joy. As i hugged my friends.

"You can go and meet him now.." the doctor said

We quickly walk inside to see Chaeyoung awake with a smile on his face showing his dimple. I ran to hug him but...

"Who are you?" He asked...

"I only know Jeongyeon, Tzuyu, Momo, Nayeon, Sana and dahyun..." He said

After hearing his words, brick by brick, my walls came tumbling down. As I ran from my friends the tears in my eyes turned the rainy day into a whirlwind of grays and yellows. I slammed into the bathroom door. I didn't care who saw. I just broke down. The sobs punched through, ripping through my muscles, bones, and guts. I pressed my forehead against the grimy stall door and began to let my heart yank in and out of my chest. It pulled back in like a yo yo. Over and over. In and out. I was hollow. My life crumbled in my fingertips. Then, suddenly, my friends were there, patting and rubbing me. They reached into my hollowness.

Chaeyoung's POV

I saw this penguin look alike girl that hug me..I was confused..

Who is she??

I asked her but right after I said that, she ran out of the room crying...

I was confused..

I didn't know what to do..

Nayeon, Sana and Dahyun ran after her.

"Who is she??" I ask Jeongyeon..

"She is your...Girlfriend..You even risked your life for her..Don't you remember??" Jeongyeon said with a sad face..

"What's her name??" I asked them

"Myoui Mina" The 3 said in unison

"But.... I really don't remember her.." I said

But although I didn't remember her, my heart hurts alot when she cry..I wanna hug her and comfort her but I don't know her.. They say she's my girlfriend but why don't I remember her..

"Can I talk to her??" I asked them

Mina's POV

"Mina, Tzuyu texted me saying that Chaeyoung wants to talk to you.." Sana said

I nodded as I slowly walked towards Chaeyoung's room.

When I reached his room, everyone else went out to give us some privacy..

I sat on the chair beside him.

"So...You're my girlfriend??" Chaeyoung asked me

My tears started to drop when he asked me that question..I nodded..

"We promised to each other to always remember each other, but you broke it" I said

"I'm sorry " He replied

I looked on the floor when I felt his thumb wiping my tears..

"Hey...Don't cry..Although I don't remember you, when I see that you cry, my heartaches for some reason..I know you mean alot to me, I will try my best to remember you.." He said as he smiled

He gave me a hug carrying me onto his hospital bed. I sat on his lap while hugging him..

"Please remember me.." I whispered

"I will try my best.." He whispered back

He pulled away from the hug and kissed my forehead..

"Can you call my noona??" He said

"CHAEYOUNG AHHH...YOU'RE AWAKE!!" Jihyo noona ran into the room after Chaeyoung mentioned her.

I climbed down from Chaeyoung lap and stand beside him.

"NOONA...I MISSED YOU.." He said as he hugged his Noona

I stood there watching the brother and sister hugging eachother.

'I will make him remember me' I said to myself as I smiled to myself.

I walked out of the room to meet my friends..I gave them a smile telling them I'm okay now...

We went to Chaeyoung's house planning to give him a welcome back party..

"Can we give him a welcome back party since he is coming back tmr?" I said to my friend giving them my gummy smile..

"I haven't seen that smile in weeks, I miss it..And yes, we can give host a party for him.." Dahyun said

Third person POV

Mina and Sana are buying things for tomorrow. While Nayeon and Dahyun are decorating the house.

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