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We waited 3 hours in the 30 degree weather just to see our favorite band, Prettymuch. My toes felt as if they were going to fall off and so did my fingers, but it was fine because once we were let in we were warmed up and in our spots for the show.

The show wasn't long, maybe 30 minutes to an hour long. After the show though, the boys rushed back stage for a little break before meet and greet. Me and Y/F/N walk to the door where the boys are waiting for fans for the m&g and watched.

We were behind the barricade while watching when Bartier Cardi by Cardi B played. We laugh as we dance with each other and took little snapchats, I look back to the boys and smile at Edwin who had turned around at the same time as I did, He smiles back and then turns back to take a picture with another fan.

¨Let's take a photo¨ I say to Y/F/N, she nods and we get someone to take our picture. We take a couple and choose the ones we like best as another song plays. Y/F/N and I start dancing again and playfully grind on each other as the girls around us laugh and record us. I look up and over to the boys again and catch Zion staring. He turns away quickly and I smile shaking my head. He's not low. I think to myself as I continue to dance with Y/F/N.

¨Blue wrist bands it's your turn to line up for m&g¨ A voice says over the speakers. We dash to the back of the line, not really caring if we were first or last. Do Like That comes on and everyone starts cheering out of excitement and we start dancing. I dance with the beat as we reach the front of the line, laughing with my friends and making snapchats.

"Hello, ladies. Can I see your bands" a male says to us.

I show my wrist and he cuts my blue band and places it in the trash. I smile at him and move up in line, having the boys perfectly in our view and vice versa . We continue dancing and I feel eyes on me once. I look up and meet Zions eyes again, but this time he doesn't look away. He shamelessly continues to stare at me as I dance with Y/F/N. I smirk back to him and shake my head.

"He's not looking away? Damn, boy" Y/F/N says snapping me out of the intense staring contest.

"I know" I say to her and look back to Zion who had finally looked away. "He want some pussy, and by some pussy, I mean yours" She says. I gasp "Y/F/N" I smack her arm and she laughs. We move up in line and it's Y/F/N's turn to meet them.

Y/F/N moves in with a smile on her face and squeezes Austin in a hug, which he returns, she moves in between Brandon and Zion and smiles for the picture.

"Why you look like me right now?" Edwin asks me. I was wearing an outfit that he owned, Yellow camo pants and my prettymuch shirt. "Cause I am you" I responded with a laugh. He laughs and turns back to Noah who snaps their picture and finally it's my turn.

"These are letters that my friends and I wrote for you guys, they have names on them" I say to Edwin as I hand him the letters. "Awe, this is so cute, thank you" He says. I move in front of Brandon and smile at him. "Can I ask you guys a question?" I ask. "Yeah yeah, sure. Go ahead" Brandon says.

"I'm gonna hug him, but can you guys act like you're surprised by it?" I ask pointing to Zion.

"Yeah, of course. Let's do it" Brandon says. I turn to Zion, who already had his arms open and wrap my arms around his waist. "Hello, beautiful" Zion says to me. I blush as the lady counts down and our picture is snapped. As I go to pull out of our hug, Zion holds me tighter. "Tell your friend that I said for the both of you to head to our hotel and wait inside for us" He whispers in my ear. I look up at him and nod then walk out waving goodbye to the boys.


Y/F/N and I to wait for the boys in the hotel lobby. "Can we get food? I'm kinda hungry" Y/F/N ask. I nod and we walk over to the Pizza Hunt that was in the building. We order a pepperoni pie and pay. "So Zion told you to meet them here?" she asks I nodded and take a bite out of my pizza.

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