What I Roleplay

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The following is what I roleplay. If you do not see anything that interests you, please comment any suggestions below. { OC x Canon means a madeup paired with an original character }

One Direction

Teen Wolf  { OC x Canon }

Harry Potter  { OC x Canon }

House of Anubis  { OC x Canon }

Victorious  { OC x Canon }

Odd Pairings:

Bad Boy x Good Girl

Model x Photographer

Rich x Poor

Teacher x Student

Country Girl x City Boy (Vise Versa)

Best Friend x Best Friend

Enemy x Enemy

Werewolf x Anything

Vampire x Anything

Celeb x Fan

Kidnapper x Kidnapped

Mermaid x Human

Band Member x Band Member

Band Member x Fan

Princess x Prince or Peasant

College Student x Hish School Student

Star Player x Coach's Daughter

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