my fists bled as i pounded on the door no answer still ....oh shit this is gonna hurt..... i jumpped through the window glass shattering all around me. i heard wimpering but thats it, not scremin no adults, just tge wimpering of a very young wolf. my instincs finnally kicking in, i searched finding the source of the wimpering i pick up the younge child, maybe 4 or 5 he nuzzled into my hair safty filing his throat. another window shatterd. i looked down at my bleeding shoulder and small boy he gripped me harder and i ran towards the noise 1 dead.... the other holding a bloody bat...and the scent of Kane filling the room. sadness tried to find me and i held back tears gripping the teenager coverd in dirt and blood by his arm, half carriing him to my car half draging him. once he was in the front seat i started the jeep driving with the child still clinging to my side the boy passed out anger clouding his sleeping face. i brushed the hair from his face before getting out. the tiny one asleep."Fathherrr!!" it echoed off the outside of the pack house. anger shooting daggers into my voice

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