My Mate! Oh god why is today a bad day for me? My mate won’t want me I’m a freak, wolf-girl.

Not true Mikia and you know it, Sophia my wolf said to me, take a whiff, he is not human.

Taking in his scent I realized she’s right, he’s not human he’s another wolf, like me. There aren’t many wolves other than me and my family, only rouge’s and from the smell of him he’s in a pack with many others. I almost paled, that means a new pack is moving in and they will take our land by force. My hand shot up and the teacher just nodded, "go ahead."

I keep remembering he’s a new teacher. "Can I go to the art room?" I signed.

"Why would you go there?" he asked.

"My name is Mikia," that was all I had to sign before he quickly nodded his head eyes wide with fright. I bolted out of the class room and was in the art room in 10 seconds flat.

As soon as I put the paint brush to the canvas my mide took me elsewhere. Why were they here? What would they want? Oh my god, what if they try to kill my pack? I’ll be dead before that happens. If they want a fight they got it, but if they want peace I will be ecstatic.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t sense another presence in the art room. "Hello," said a feminine voice startling me. I dropped the paint brush and knocked over my new painting. It was one of an evil looking gray wolf with menacing, soulless, black eyes. In the back-round were shadows of other wolves and the dark part of my forest.

"I’m sorry didn’t mean to startle you," the girl said sincerely.

She’s 5’6, long, wavy, blond hair, and stormy gray eye’s. The is a she-wolf too, but she seemed nice. "It’s okay," I singed. She gave me a strange look. "You can’t talk?" she asked. I just shrugged and picked up the easel. I took out my sketch book and wrote what I signed.

"I’m annabeth," she said.

"Mikia," I wrote, smiling.

"Nice to meet you Mikeya," I nearly laughed.

"Not Mikeya, Mick-ee-ah," I wrote.

"Oh," she said, uncomfortable, "well, it’s nice to meet you."

I nodded as the bell rang. There goes first period on to the next. I went to the music room and, to my suprise, there was my mate. He seemed agitated and itching to go somewhere. As soon as he saw me he calmed down and stopped fidgeting. Taking my seat I felt him gaze burn holes in my back. Ms. Truman came in and settled the class down, "now class today we have a new student, Mr. Rodecks," she pointed at my mate, "will you stand up and tell us about yourself?"

My mate stood up and spoke in a husky voice, "Well, my name is Eathen, I’m from California, I moved with my family, and I plan on having a good time hear." He finished speaking and winked at some girls, which caused a small pain in my heart.

Don’t worry he can’t refuse us, sophia said, and if he does we can kick his ass. Yeah, she’s not the crying type and I’m thankful for that, if she was the crying type I would be balling constantly. The teacher started speaking again and said that the CD player was broken so I would be playing for it.

"Are you ready?" she asked me.

I nodded, "Which song are we playing?" I signed. Ms. Truman thought for a minute and whispered in my ear, "Alyssa Lies,"

I forgot to mention the teachers know I can talk and I’m going to show that to everyone tomorrow. I Picked up my guitar and started


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