First Meeting

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"Maria!" Jane ran over and supported me before I could fall flat on my face. Have I mentioned I love this girl?

"Unnie..." My voice sounds weak but then a thought comes into my head. I had been waiting SO LONG for this to happen- i was NOT going to get weak now just because I was afraid of people's opinions of me. I stood up- willing myself to stand straight and make my voice work "It's okay I can do this" My mind was set- no turning back. Mr. Manager (also another uncreative nickname) smiled kindly at me and motioned for me to follow him. I had seen enough movies and endured enough hours with my aunt to know how to walk in heels so that was one less thing to worry about. I couldn't tell what kind of building it was but we arrived at a door that had a curtain sealing it off and a spotlight behind it. 

"So when you hear the music start the spotlight is going to turn on and you are going to walk in front of  that door so that they'll just see your silhouette and then when it stops you are going to walk inside, introduce yourself, and then we'll go from there. She smiled encouragingly and then the music started.


Ren's POV

"So what do you think this new guy is gonna be like?" I ask nonchalantly as I leaned back in my chair and stared at the ceiling. I was personally hoping the new guy would be younger than me so that I'd stop being called the baby among my hyungs. It was annoying but if I had to be truthful- I couldn't blame them. Stupid feminine features.

"Whoever it is- I hope they can dance better than you Minki" JR teased and I glared at him.

"I hope he speaks English" Aron said hopefully. "I'm tired of not understanding what the hell is coming out of your guys's mouths"

Everyone cracked up at this. They all knew what it was like to be new at something so they felt bad for the new guy arriving late. 

"I wonder how they picked him- do you think we've met him before?" Baekho asked curiously.

"doubt it!" Minhyun chirped "I bet they'll give us someone unexperienced to test our teaching ability- see how he learns"

Ren thought about it- It'd make sense that they would do that- it even sounded kind of fun! just then the lights dimmed and he looked around at his hyungs in anticipation. Music started pumping through the speakers of the medium sized room. A silhouette appeared in the doorway but it looked...feminine? I was pretty sure the figure was wearing a dress.

"It must be the announcer" JR whispered to the rest of them.

Ahhh that made sense- probably a girl from SNSD or something to be a host for the cameras. Man they really got into these things but hey, at least the new guy would get to be introduced by a pretty girl to lesson his nerves. The music suddenly stopped and when the lights came back on a girl was standing in front of them. Ren felt himself blush- she was very pretty with chocolate brown hair and dark lashes that framed her large green eyes. She wasn't from SNSD... but whatever, they were trying to mix it up i guess. They all leaned forward and waited for the name of the new member- but she said the last thing they expected to hear.

"Hello, My name's Maria and I am the new member of Nu'est, Please take care of me!" she said and bowed. Was that English??  The boys eyes widened and there was a moment of silence before Aron spoke up.

"You're...American?" He stuttered looking more comfortable now that he was speaking English- but still shell shocked. The girl nodded and a faint blush appeared. Another girl showed up and started speaking in Korean so we could know what was happeneing.

"My name is Jane- this is Maria and I am her translator. she is your new member. Please take care of her- and close your mouths you look like fish." she placed her hand on the girl-Maria's- shoulder making her visibly relax. Where we making her that nervous? I hoped that we weren't scaring her.

Maria's POV

I could see their eyes widen at my words and felt myself blush. I saw Aron stand up and i was glad he knew English as well as I did.

"Wow so you're really from America? I'm from L.A.!" he said as a conversation starter.

" That's amazing! I have never been there. I'm from Ohio, not nearly as important-or warm" To her relief Aron laughed and she joined in. She looked around the room at the other members who had recovered form their shock or whatever Jane had said and were now smiling at her warmly and she grinned back- blushing even harder when she saw Ren- She couldn't help it! 

They talked for while and it turned out that Jane was barely needed as most of the boys spoke English pretty well, but she was glad for the familiar face. Suddenly, she noticed the camera's stationed around the room- she must have been so nervous she had completely missed them! Ren saw her looking and looked in the same direction he seemed as surprised as her to see them.

"Hey guys- since when were there camera's?" Ren asked ( in English for Maria's benefit) They all looked around the room and Maria remembered the letter mentioning something about it being televised....

"That's right! Welcome to Making a star of NU'EST season premiere!" Mr. Manager came in and said in a heavy accent.

No one's POV

Here is your first challenge! Find hints around this building and arrange them into the correct answer but if your name tag is ripped off you are out! he handed them name tags which were placed on their backs. Each person was taken to a different spot in the mall and then started running on the count of three. Maria realized that they had been in a mall. she kicked off her heels and started running she had to prove that she wasn't just some girl- she was important too. Whenever she spotted the other boys they were only looking briefly on walls and on the floor. She smiled to herself and put her fingers to her lips and winked at the camera. Oh yes, she was learning.

She quickly found three cards. As she expected- they weren't hidden in plain sight. She opened the clues excited only to realize they were in Korean. she sighed heavily she needed an Ali but Jane was apparently not allowed to help. In the meantime she  saw Baekho and an idea started to form. She ran up to him and shyly tugged the sleeve of his shirt. Oh yes, playing the cute card. He turned around, surprised to see her there.  She beckoned him to lean in closer and he did with a confused look on his face. She acted like she was going to whisper something in his ear but at the last second she ripped his nametag off his back and ran as fast as she could but not before she saw the shock in the older boy's eyes. She let out a whoop- and ran right into Ren.

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