**Louis' P.O.V**

Leaning down, I kissed Niall's neck, sucking lightly, getting happy that I could actually do it now, and of course- of all the times- Niall's phone started ringing.

Niall looked at me, "That's not mine, mine's As Long As You Love Me, not Boyfriend... That's your's love."

Jumping up quickly, wanting Justin Bieber to stop singing;

If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go

I can take you places you ain’t never been before

Baby take a chance or you’ll never ever know

I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow

Swag swag swag, on yo-

"Stupid Zayn, he totally changed my ring tone, just 'cause I changed his to 'I'm a Barbie Girl' once.." I muttered, knowing that Zayn called me, so he could hear me saying he was stupid, "Now, now.. At least Ni thinks you've got good music taste!!" Liam replied.

Oh, I must be on loud speaker, "What do you want?" I sighed, and Zayn laughed slightly, I sat back down with Niall, putting my arm around his shoulders protectively, waiting for Zayn to explain him self as to why he even thinks about interupting me and Ni..

"Well, I was wondering if you were finished and we were aload in yo' house?" I could sence that Zayn was smirking, "We didn't do anything, nothing that you wouldn't want to do to Liam anyways.." Yes, I did that to him, obviously Liam heard, 'cause I heard him burst out laughing.

"Thanks Lou... But we'll be up in a minute.. And so... what naughtiness did you do?" Niall heard, then he blushed and giggled, burying his head into my neck, smiling against my skin, I endded the call and put my phone down.

As Ni brushed his nose against my neck, the door spun open and Zayn came, up, "AHH! LIAM, CLOSE YOUR EYES, IF YOU LOOK YOU'LL BE SCARRED FOR LIFE!! LOUIS!! WHY IS IT HANGING SO LOW!? OH MY GOD!!"

Niall burst out laughing, reaching out to pull in Zayn and Liam, and they sat down opposite us, as Niall rested his head on my shoulder again.

"Aw, and I thought Taylor Lautner was cute!!" Liam cooed, then Zayn looked at him, giving him a dirty look, and Liam looked at him once, then looked again, using his hand to cover a smirk, "You're cutest, if that helps, Zi?"

Zayn shook his head, bringing out his phone and he starting swiping across the screen, "Lou, wanna whack on the tunes?" Smirking, I got out my phone and started playing 'It Wasn't Me' Liam and Niall both laughed, then all of a sudden, Zayn started singing 'Candy Shop' and I laughed, burying my face into Niall's hair.

My phone buzzed, and I looked on to Facebook that was saying I had a new notification, and Zayn had tagged me in a picture, and my eyes widened, but I saved the picture none the less.

It was of Niall laughing, and me staring down at his face, looking amused. Niall caught a sight of it and laughed harder, smiling, then grabbed my phone and commented on Zayn's picture;

How dare you?! I'll get you back soon, watch... ~  Niallerrr x

Shaking my head, Niall brought out his own phone and suddenly he was friends with Zayn, and Niall was tagged in the photo, "Just to piss Harry off even more.." Niall muttered, typing away and changing his relationship status.


I always wanted to get back at Harry, all those times he embarassed me, hurt me and annoyed me until I snapped and told him to go fuck him self.

I so changed my status too, knowing Harry will look at mine, to make sure Niall's with me, "Let the hunger games... BEGIN!" I announced, causing Zayn to laugh, and Niall stared at me, confused..

"I've never actually watched that, Liam went without me.." I burst out laughing, ruffling his hair then putting arm around him once more.

I jumped as Justin Bieber started singing again, As Long As You Love Me this time and Niall glared at the screen, "Hello there Hazza m'boy! How can I help you lad?"

"How the hell are you in a relationship with Lewis? Why? What? Just explain!!"

"Correction, Louis.. Lou-e. Just saying. I like him, he likes me... You get that..?" I bit my lip, trying not to laugh but Zayn hadn't been as good as me, he was in Liam's lap crying of laughter. I gave him a 'What-The-Hell' look and turnt back to Niall.

"But.. I told you its everyone.. or him.."

"Yeah.. And I don't know what to do.." Niall looked at me and winked, taking away some of the sting of his words, "Niall.. But you're my bestfriend... I don't want to lose you.."

My heart melted at Harry's words, he sounded upset, obviously scared I'd take Niall away from him, but I wouldn't do that to any one, not even if Harry had bullied me ever since we were kids, I wouldn't want to take Niall from him.

Everyone would need a bit of his leprechaun magic in their life, and I would feel the same as Harry if I thought there was a chance of some one taking Niall away from me.

I refuse to let him go once more. One time was enough and I can't face another day were he will just ignore me, or hurt my feelings, I want us to go back to those innocent times when we could hold hands and not be called gay, we could keep secrets and no one would hate us.

Before that one small kiss, every detail in my life was perfect, I had a amzing family, my bestfriend was amazing too, he got on with the family.

But obviously because of how perfect he was, I fell for him.

If I had hiden my feelings for Niall...

Would me, Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall be bestfriends right now? In stead of Harry hating me for supposedly taking away his best friend?

Would I have ever come out about being gay in the school?

Would Harry hate me for being gay?

So many questions run through my head, but I don't have any answers for them.

My head is a dangerous place for me to stay, I would over think and work my self up over what I had over thinked about and I'd become stressed out because I don't want to talk to any one about this..

Maybe I would have Niall to talk about all the things to go through my head?

"Yeah, what ever Harry.. Bye.." I heard Niall end the call with Harry, then sighed, "I'm hungry.."

"NANDOS IT IS!" Liam yelled grinning, and I rolled my eyes. I had enough of Nandos as a child, but I'll have to get back into the habits of chicken regularly for Niall..

Niall perked up, grabbing his shirt and sliding it over his head, throwing me mine and walking out of the door, "Hurry your ass up, Lou!" Liam and Zayn both laughed, holding hands as they left too.

Shaking my head I followed them, walking out of the forest, "Nearest Nandos is.."

"THAT WAY!" Niall screamed, pointing to the left, I intertwined our fingers together, then started walking with him, knowing that Zayn and Liam were holding hands too as they came up beside us, "How long have you been with eachother?" I asked, winking at Zayn.

"Liam asked while you two were in the tree house!" Zayn smiled, blushing slightly, Liam brushed his thumb across Zayn's cheek bone, then kissed his temple..

They were so cute, they complemented eachother well, they are just so adorable, I can't find the right words to describe their amazing-ness!!


Sorry it took 327 years to update, I went away, and I came back yesterday, so I had to write the rest of this...

Sorry it's rubbish...

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