Chapter 11 - Thinking about termination

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 Author's Note:
Hey! Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback on this story! I'm so happy and proud of myself that all of you seem to be enjoying this so much. I honestly thought I wouldn't even get any comments or votes because I've never wrote a story about pregnancy before.
But anyways, I really don't plan on uploading in Caleb's point of view a lot, besides for this one chapter Because I'm sure all of you would like to know how he's feeling. \
So I hope you enjoy! 

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Calebs POV

           I run out of Jeremy's house in an attempt to get the fuck away from everyone. Now is when I know the reason Isabella's been acting so damn weird. None of this is making any sense though. I don't make babies. It can't be me. I've had unprotected sex with so many girls and I've never gotten anyone knocked up before. I don't think I even have the power to make a kid. If I was going to get someone pregnant, then I think I would have by now, a long time ago. But I never have. She has to be sleeping with someone else. She must have had sex with another guy and that's why she won't talk to me anymore. Yeah, that has to be it. I'm not the guy who got her pregnant. I can't be.

             That's impossible.

           Rushing down the driveway, completely outraged, is when I hear the door open from behind me. "Caleb," I hear a girl's voice, knowing it's Isabella. "Wait, Caleb!"

            Running to my car parked on the side of the road, is when I quickly open the door.

          "Please, stop," she pleads to me, as I hop inside and I close the door. As fast as I can, I pull the keys out of my pocket and I stick them in the ignition.  I can't like her. I do like her and my feelings for this girl are strong as hell, but now that she's pregnant with another dude's baby, it's ruined.

     I can't like her. Not now, not ever. She's pregnant and I want nothing to do with her and her kid.

          I roll down the passenger window realizing Jeremy is standing at the door, on the porch, staring over at us. Bella rushes over to my car and I can tell how scared she is by the look overtaking her beautiful perfect flawless face. . .

           "Why are you leaving like this?" She begs me, her voice sounding desperate as I stare blankly at her, pulling a cigarette of the pack resting on the passenger seat.

            "Cause it looks like you need some privacy," I breathe out, putting the cig between my lips and yanking out my zippo, lighting it. Breathing in the smoke into my lungs.

       "Privacy?" She asks me, looking like she's about to throw up. "Caleb, I don't think you understand. . ." Bella's face drops and her eyes narrow.

             "Understand what?" I barely let out, my head suddenly pounding.

             "You have everything to do with this," she carefully whispers, as I scowl.

             Staring at her like she ended my whole world is when I breathe out in horror. "What're you talking about? I have to do with this? Why? I don't get it. It's another guy's kid. It isn't mine. Why are you trying to put all this shit on me now? Do you want to ruin my life?" I loudly snap at her.

               She softly gasps, "That's not fair..."

            "No what's not fair, is how you're lying to me," I glare at her as she looks like she's suddenly about to break into tears, which breaks my heart... *Which terrifies me. "Why are you involving me?"

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