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The lads stared at me in silence and Liam put an arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"I dont know what happened all of a sudden her heart stopped beating" I said

"I'm sorry" Harry said coming over and embracing me in a hug. The rest of the lads came over and all hugged me. "come on babe let's go upstairs" Liam said and I followed him upstairs

"how about we go on a date tonight" Liam suggested

I smiled and nodded

"wear something pretty" he said kissing me on the cheek and walked out. I ran down stairs and grabbed Ash.

"what should I wear?" I asked her

She pointed to a black dress with pink an purple flowers all over it and ruffled at the bottom. I pulled it out of the closet and put it on.

"you look pretty" ash said giggling I left my hair straight and did my makeup. I grabbed some nude coloured heels and I black clutch and slipped my phone inside. I grabbed Ashlyn's hand and we walked down together. Liam and the lads were waiting at the bottom of the stairs. I took Liam's hand and he whispered in my ear

"you look beautiful"

"you don't look to bad yourself" I replied.

"bye Ash be good for your uncles" I said and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I hugged her back and Liam and I headed to the car.

"where are we going?" I asked impatiently

"it's a surprise" he said

The car stopped and Liam got out and then helped me out. I looked around and saw a table for two. "Liam this is beautiful" I said admiring the view

"glad you like it." he said with a smile on his face. We ate and talked and it was a wonderful first date. "want to get ice cream?" he asked

"sure" I said and we headed into an ice cream shop. Liam ordered me my favourite,Mint chocolate chip and he got him self a Vanilla. Two girls came up to us

"hi" the one said

"hello" Liam replied

"can we get a picture with you" she asked

"of course" Liam said and I moved out of the way

"are you Liam's girlfriend?" the other girl asked

"yes" I replied blushing

"can you be in the picture too?" the girl asked

"if you want me to" I said and stood next to Liam.

Liam's POV:

The picture was taken and one of the girls whispered into my ear

"your girl friend is really pretty"

"I know" I said an I meant it. We walked out after eating our ice cream and out of nowhere the paps showed up. We ran until we got to the car.

"I'm sorry about that" I said to her

"it's ok"she replied

We got back to the flat and The lads were watching tv.

"how was your date?" Niall asked

"it was wonderful" Kenzie said looking into my eyes.

"you promised me sex tonight remember" I said

"I never promised anything" she said with a wink and pulled me up the stairs. Harry shot me a thumbs up and I laughed.

Kenzie's POV:

Another day of work I thought and got ready

"where you going?" Liam asked his morning voice was so sexy

"work" I said rolling his eyes

"please stay with me" he begged

"I can't" I said

"please" he begged

"I wish I could" but I need money to pay for me and Ash

"quit your job I can pay for everything" he said

"Li that's nice but I can't take your money"

"but I want you to" he said

I thought before saying "fine"

"yay" he cheered and pulled me into bed. I grabbed my phone and called my work and quit.

"Kenz we have to go to an interview to day you want to come?" Liam asked

"sure" I said getting up and putting on a floral skirt with a tank top I curled my hair and put it to one side. Ash was wearing an orange sundress with orange sandals.

"Lou!" I yelled and he ran down stairs

"what?" he asked

"she looks like a carrot" I said pointing at Ash

"what's wrong with carrots" he said acting hurt

I laughed and put her hair in pigtails. The lads came down and we headed to the car.

15 minutes later we got to the studio. We went to the the boys dressing room and Ash and I sat on the couch while they got changed. Then it was time for them to go on. They ran on stage and sat on the couch. The interviewer asked the same boring questions.

"so who here is dating someone?" she asked. Louis and Liam raised their hands.

"I'm dating Eleanor Calder"he said a grin on his face. "I'm dating my beautiful girlfriend Kenzie Weatherly" Liam said pointing at me.

"is she here today?" the interviewer asked

"yes"Liam said

"well come out Kenzie" she said and I walked out shyly. There was no room on the couch so I sat in Liam's lap. "so Kenzie,Liam I heard you to went on a date last night" she said pulling up pics of us last night

I nodded

"I also heard Kenzie you have a daughter"

"yes I do her name is Ashlyn and she is back there"

"you sure it's a good idea to bring her into everything" Liam whispered in my ear

"they will have to find out eventually" I whispered back

"do you want to bring her out?" she asked

"ok" I said and I went to get Ash.

We came out and the crowd erupted in "aw's". Ash ran and jumped on Harry's lap. I went back and sat on Liam's

"the whole world is wondering who is the father" she asked and Liam tensed up and whispered

"it's ok you can tell" and I nodded and said,

"it's Liam's"

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