I cant believe this, everything i care about.. gone.

I should explain, my names Miley. I'm 16 and Ive just lost my parents, my two sisters and my baby brother in a terrible fire. To make matters worse I'm being shipped off to my godmother Alice's' home in Ireland.

Shes always been nice to me and so has her husband Rick but Ireland is a huge change from my home in New York.

Who knows maybe the change of scenery will help me forget about my family.

Rain, rain and more rain, Id swear the weather was reflecting my mood. Dark clouds everywhere and its pouring rain.

Myself and Alice are about to get off the plane at th airport in dublin. After we collect our bags with just the nessicary items in them we make our way to the entrance there Rick is waiting for us. The rest of my stuff has already arrived here and is at the house.

Rick gives alice a huge hug and a kiss when we meet him and gives me a small sad smile. I give him one back and we make our way towards his car.

On the way to the house I just close my eyes wondering what my new life will be like.


ok guys this is my very first story! please tell me what you think! comment + fan!!! :Dxxx

love yas! <3 x

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