Chapter 24- Dreams and Streams

I take a deep breath, breathing in the soft smell of lilies. I want to stay right here forever, not remembering, not thinking about anything but Jay. But, as my mind grows more awake, I remember my dreams from the night before. I was with Zaavia. I actually think I was with Zaavia. She was walking through the woods with me, talking and laughing like I've only heard once. Darkness spread for miles around us, branches reaching out like claws. But, it's like we were in our own little bubble, unaware of it all. Soon we came upon a light. A light so bright, much brighter than anything I've ever seen. Zaavia, with tears running down her face, told me it was time for me to go.

"Why?" I asked, sounding like a little child.

"My brother's waiting for me," she smiled. She waves her hand to someone if I squint enough, I can see their outline.

The tall shadow waves back and shouts, "Come on, Zaav! I've been waiting forever!"

Zaavia laughs one last time before she hugs me and runs into the light. As it fades, I can see a beautiful meadow and Zaavia walking into it, holding her brother's hand. Suddenly, I excepted it. She was going to be better off than she would be in the Hunger Games. She was going to be happy.

Now I wonder, did I dream it? Was it real? It seemed like it because all of Zaavia's anger, hatred, and sadness seemed to fly away. She was laughing. Whether it was real or not, it was exactly what I needed. Something to help me let her go. 

 I open my eyes to meet golden ones. 

"Good morning, Jabberjay. What are you doing?" I murmur.

"Watching you sleep. Are you okay?"

"Better." I sigh.

"Good," he takes my hand and kisses it like I've only seen in movies. "I'm so glad you're okay."

"I just can't believe I killed Cato." I say, looking at the cave ceiling.

"You killed Cato?!" Jay screams, shooting up. Everyone but Titus jumps up. Titus just responds with a loud snore.

"It's fine, everyone." I say. "Jay. Outside."

I get out of the sleeping bag and carefully make my way out of the cave with Jay following me.

"You can't just scream it out like that." I hiss.

"I'm sorry, but you can't... you couldn't have killed Cato!" Jay rubs his head, thinking.

"What? You think I'm not strong enough?" I cross my arms and glare at him. I know it's stupid trying to turn the tables but I honestly wonder if he thinks I'm the same girl I used to be.

"It's not that... But this isn't how it was supposed to go. Cato isn't supposed to die until the end, remember?"

"Lower your voice." I say, peeking back at the cave. I don't want anyone hearing us say that. "At least we have our biggest challenge out of the way."

Jay just shakes his head and sits on the ground. "Haven't you read any time travel novels?"

"Um.. No. Why?"

"That's what the people always think. They think they got the big challenge out of the way and there won't be anymore. They're always wrong. It's not the person that matters. Fate will make anyone else the problem. the problem will happen without the person. Remember how Rue was supposed to die?"

"Shh!" I hiss.

"Fate got Zaavia instead of Rue. Like I said. It doesn't matter the person, problems will happen anyway."

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