The Bow

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Hi my name is Layla, Layla Thorne and this is my story about me and my three friends (Sapphire Brown, Jade Sapp and Alex Williams) and our fourth year in Comprehensive School but our school is no ordinary school, this school is a school for young female spies, as our parents were spies themselves we all got accepted to this school before our parents Died In Action Our School is called Skulevin Park for Girls

Chapter 1

“That’s what makes you beautiful”

Sapphire’s phone woke her up along with me Jade, Alex very early in the morning

“Who is it” yawned Jade

“It’s Liam” Sapphire said looking anxious

“Oh, okay we’ll go back to sleep”

As we were about to drop off, the alarm started nagging in our ears, we were all knackered because we only had several hours sleep after Sapphire and Liam were arguing all night and the alarm nagging us to get up.

BANG!, I was about to fall asleep, until I fell off the desk, whilst listening to my frog like, boring old teacher go on and on about rules of the French alphabet, the bell went for lunch, Alex, Jade and Sapphire went out all taking about the homework for their next class but all I could think about was my pillow.

During lunch Alex and Jade noticed a wall that wasn’t there last year,

“What do you suppose is over that wall?” Anxiously Alex waited for Jade to answer

“I don’t know what it could be, what do you think?” Jade pondering her brains for a scientific answer.

Whilst the two girls were talking, Sapphire and I were on our laptops; Sapphire was talking Liam (well I say talking more like getting told off for not ringing him at lunch), I was doing the smart thing and researching what the wall was doing there,

“Girls the wall is separating Skulevin Park for Girls and Skulevin Park for Boys” I announced,

“Oh” their faces shrank and they started to eat their food without eye contact,

“What’s wrong with the boys being over that wall?”I asked with concern

They all looked up looked at me with the most terrified look I’d seen since Sapphire saw Mrs Kai’s thongs, and then they nodded and Sapphire Said,

“Look Layla if the boys come to this school, rules will start to change, new rooms classes”

 “New curfews “the other two interrupted

I thought about it long and hard and I found one good reason (even though there are probably a lot more,

“We could get really nice and HOT boyfriends”

"I don’t know Layla most boys that go to these types of school are snobs and they probably won’t be inter......"

Before she could finish a group of hot, dreamy yr ten boys walked in, got their food and started looking for seats they all immediately charged toward our table sat down and started talking and flirting with us I told the one boy that if he didn’t get his hand away from my lap I would go MEDEVIL on his butt, but he just ignored my words and pushed me out of the way to get at Sapphire, her reaction was funny she punched him in the face and bolted out of her seat toward me asking if I was ok,

"don't worry i'm fine that was really funny"

As always we exited with style and laughter but Alex wasnt looking properly and bumped into a really cute boy his name was Alec Zuchi he fell to the floor but with style, Alex, Jade and Sapphire walked out in discus, I thought I should help him up so I did, he was tall, cute and he smelt of lemons, before i could say hi the girls yanked my arm and i fell into hall.

The bell went for class and we had PE, as we were getting ready the girls noticed that i hadn't got dressed properly, they tried shouting at me, it didn't work, they tried the smelliest sock on the planet , that didn't work so Sapphire had and idea and as she told the others she swung round and slapped me across the face,

"Owww, what was that for"

"You were day dreaming and you havent got dressed, your'e normally the first to be dressed" Saphire said with great concern"Oh no im totally fine" I said trying to hide the truth thaqt was just waiting to burst out of my eyes but mostly my heart".

As we were warming up we heard our teahers voice bellow through the hall

"Ok laidies, today we shall be completing and obstructing missions using our very own forest obsical corses, you will have to be strong, loud, brave, but most of all you must listen, all four of us looked at the teacher saw she was serious and looked at eachother we were all scared

 BANG we were half way through the obstical corse when i had fallen into the well, as i was shouting for help all the girls could stand there wetting thierselves

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