Ch. 19 Annebelle....

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---Melody's POV---

I fell asleep in the curly boy's strong arms. I never thought I would feel this for him and never in a million life times would I have allowed him to come near me yet I did. He kissed me and I responded with the same passion. It was so soft, so tender, so loving. His lips felt so right on mines as if they were made for one another.

I could have kept kissing him all night. I was ready to rip his clothes off but he held me back. He wanted to wait and for that I'm forever grateful.

Tonight he proved to me that he doesn't want just for sex. He wants me for me and I like him for him.

I feel someone's eyes on me and I flutter them open to find a pair of gorgeous, green eyes staring at me. I lift my hand and brush some curls that we're in his face away and smile at him.

"Morning" I whispered, still not feeling my actual voice.

"Morning" Harry whispered back in his sexy morning voice.We stared at each other, both remembering the events that happened last night.

"Mels I need to tell you something...." He trailed off. I stared at his face intensely, he seemed nervous.

"Yes?" I asked , raising an eyebrow at him. 

"I really like you" He whispered so low, i think he was saying it to himself. I smiled and leaned in closer to him so that my lips were hovering on top of his.

"I know" I told him. "I really like you too" I whispered back, breathing in his vanilla scent.He smiled, showing off his dimples and closed the gap. He pecked me softly.I didn't think I'd ever admit that I like Harry Styles but I do and it feels good that he feels the same way.

He stood up and pulled me next to him. "Lets go eat breakfast"

We got dressed, brushed our teeth and headed out to the kitchen. I was wearing light, ripped jeans with a faded pink blouse with the words 'Love' written across it and nude toms. Harry was wears maroon jeans and a plain white tee with black converses.

The kitchen was empty when we got there so either Carter was at work or was still sleeping. Harry pulled me along ans started making pancakes. I just stood there, allowing my hand to be pulled allowing him to do all the work. 

The house was nice and quiet when the door bell wrang. I pulled Harry to the door and saw Annebelle.

She stood there with her suite case, crying her eyes out.

"Annebelle! Why are you crying" I asked her. She may be a lot of things but a cryer no. She never cryings, someone has to be dying for her to be crying like she is.

"Can I come in" She whispered. I nodded and pulled her in while Harry picked up her suite case. We led her to the living room and sat there comforting her until she relaxed abit.

"We broke up" she finally said. I looked at her in shock. She had the perfect relationship, they were the 'it' couple all through high school. They had been dating already fo 4 years. I could have sworn she was gonna marry that guy and now they broke up?

"What? How? When?" I stammered. I didn't want to believe it. Harry just sat next to me quietly holding my hand.

"4 fucken years together and I never suspected....." She trailed off. I felt so confused and sorry for her. I nodded at her to keep going.

"All this time..... He was cheating."


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