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Emma POV

Me and Josh woke up to Trey crying "Josh go back to sleep I got him" I kissed Josh and got out of the bed to the baby room. "hey buddy,what you doing up" I grabbed him and went to the kitchen and made a bottle of milk for him. Then herd Margie came with her little girl "Hey Emma"

"hey" I put the bottle in Trey mouth and he started to fall a sleep in my arms. Margie put Gwen down and she started crying "mommy I'm hungry!"

Margie looked at her with a what do you think face "I know Gwen just holed on" Gwen was running around until Brandon showed up and picked her up and walked to Margie and kissed her on the neck she smiled.

" so Brandon Josh said were going to have a war is that true?" brandon smile faded "umm yeah but it's coming in two days" I put Treys bottle on the table and looked at Brandon and Margie got a little pissed because she didn't know anything about it. Brandon finally said some thing "umm I think I should leave" brandon put Gwen down by the table and left.

Margie wiped her eyes and sat down "how could I be so stupid I knew he was hiding some thing from me"

"Margie your not stupid he was just trying to protect you and Gwen." I looked at her dark brown eyes and she looked back down at the table. Gwen was eating her food and got all messy. "oh umm Margie, Gwen is covered in syrup" she looked up at Gwen and giggled "oh Gwen your just like your father" Gwen walked up to her room to change and Margie followed her.

I I went to the couch and laid Trey down and put on the TV.

Michael POV

"Destiny I prommas I won't let them take you from me" I grin at her.

"then kill your brother Josh, I want Emma to feel the way I felt"

"any thing for you my love" kissed her hand.

Josh POV (dream)

I was running in the woods with Emma every thing looked beautiful. Emma had a light blue dress and I was in my wedding pants but no shirt. Emma rubbed her hands up and down my abs and I pulled her in for a kiss. She pushed away and ran by a old train teaks I filled her she stooped in the middle and a train was coming. I was going to push her out of the way but I was stuck. The train was just about to hit her I yelled "emma!"

I woke up screaming I looked next to me Emma wasn't there I started panicking and I ran down to the kitchen but she wasn't there I went by the couch and there she was. Emma and Trey were sleeping and the tv was on I toke my phone out to see what time was it and it was 5:30am. I rubbed my eyes and sat next to Emma and put Trey in my arms he was still sleeping then his eyes open a little "hey Lil guy" he smiled and closed his eyes and fell to sleep. I herd some one coming down and it was just Tank he didn't see me he turned the tv off and I finally said "hey I was watching that" tank jumped and left it off "then go fuck your self" he saw Trey in my arms and his eyes widen "oh shit I'm sorry, I didn't know he was there" I laugh at him "it's ok man he's sleeping"

he bit his lip and walked away and for him saying fuck your self I yelled back at him playfully "sleepy hoe" he came back and flipped me off. I bursted out laughing my ass off Emma moved and woke up "hey babe your awake,did I wake you?" she sat up and saw that I was holding Trey "no I just had a dream" I gave Trey to her and kissed her on the head "was it a bad dream" she didn't answer me she got up to put Trey back in his crib and she left me in the room. I got up and followed her to are room she lade down and I laded next to her. I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me.

Two hours later

(Josh POV)

I woke up and went to the bathroom and Emma woke up too. I turned the shower on and jumped in "hey Josh can I come in too" I smiled "yea babe" I watched her take it off and she came in with me. I grabbed her hips and kissed her neck she grabbed the curtain I picked her up and her legs rapped around me and I put her agents the wall and holed her around me. I herd a nock and I was out a breath "holed a minute" I put Emma down and got a towel and got out of the bathroom I open the door it was Tank "umm josh we got a problem" my eyes widen "meet me at the pack meeting house in an hour" he closed the door and Emma was on the bed waiting for me "Emma Im sorry I can't right now" she frowned "you have an hour Josh come on" I smiled and went on top of her "ok only 30 minutes" she smiled "30 minutes is all we need.

Well more that 30 min later

I got up and got dress as fast as I could and ran to the meeting house. "Tank!" he got up and walked by me "Josh two people from are pack is missing" I looked at the papers and one of them was Kate "Were going to get her back ok, were going to get her tomorrow" tank started to cry a little and he punch the walk "I'm going to kill who ever toke her from me!"


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