Want You Now

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"Come on Ryan! We're gunna be late!" shouted my little sister, Dominique from the hallway. I jumped at the sound of her voice.

      "Coming!" I shouted back as I stuffed my math homework back into the closet where I keep all of my school work.

       I grabbed my car keys and headed downstairs. I ushered Dominique and her friends into the back of my dark blue mustang. "Don't slow down Ryan! We are trying to get to a Cher Lloyd concert here!" Dominique said as if it was obvious.

      It felt like forever until we pulled into a parking spot at the theater. "Ok you and your friends have fun at the concert I'll pick u up at 10." I said about the turn the key in the ignition.

      “No you have to at least come in and buy us drinks or t-shirts." begged Dominique. I took the keys out of the car and put them in my pocket.

      "Ok let's go." I said sighing cause I so wanted to waste my money on some stupid t-shirts for my sister and her annoying little friends.

       "Yay!" the girls squealed and I covered my ears.

      "Shut it or I'm leaving right now. Don't need little girls screaming in my ears all night." I told them and started walking towards the front door. "You guys go ahead I'll be right in." I grabbed my vibrating phone from my pocket.

      "Help somebody!" shouted a familiar voice. I turned to my left  to see somebody running my way. It looked like they were running from a crowd of people.  I dropped my phone and caught the screamer as they tripped over a rock.

      "Oh thanks." said the familiar voice. Before I got a chance to study her face, we both leaned in for a kiss.

      It lasted for about 5 seconds. Then she pulled away. It took me forever to process in my mind who I had just saved AND kissed, it was CHER LLOYD!!!! "I have to go." I stuttered as I slowly stepped back to my car. I texted Dominique that I was going home also that she could buy stuff at the concert and I would pay her back when I saw her.

      After sent the text I realized I made a huge mistake because now she was going to buy like 100 dollars worth of souvenirs and I will have to pay for all of it. When I got home I was too distracted to look at my playbook. I decided to try my English homework. To distracted.

       Science? Too distracted. Math? No. Music? No way. No matter what I do I keep thinking of when I kissed Cher. "BEEP BEEP BEEP." went my alarm clock. It was 9:30 pm. I must have fallen asleep while watching TV. I got out of bed threw on a red Abercrombie sweatshirt and trudged to the stairs. I grabbed some coffee and headed for my car, only my car wasn't there. I closed my eyes and opened them again thinking maybe i was seeing things. My car was still not there.

      “Mom! Where’s my car?” I shouted from the front yard. A minute later my mother’s head popped out of the house.

      “Oh I must have forgotten to tell you.” Ryan’s mother said trying to remember.

      “What did you forget to tell me mom?” I asked nervous to hear the answer.

      “Ummm, well…”

      “Just tell me!”

      “Somebody lost control of their car and slammed into yours. Your windows shattered and your doors are bent in.”

      “Oh great, how will I pay for that?”

      “I will pay part of it but I told you to get car insurance.”

      “I was going to do that next week. I have only had the car for a month.” I silently cursed myself.

      “For now you can use my car to pick up your sister. Now hurry or you will be late.”

      I walked over to my mother’s beat up Chevy and pulled out of the driveway. I made it to the concert just in time. I decided to wait inside. I kind of wanted to hear the end of the concert. “I want to give a special thanks to Ryan Waters for saving my life. Have a goodnight everybody!” I heard Cher Lloyd say.

      How did she know my name? I thought to myself. A couple minutes later I saw Dominique and her friends come out of the theater. “Dom! How did Cher know my name?” I asked Dominique furiously.

      “Cause I told her.” my sister answered.

      “You told her?”

      “Yeah. I saw you talking to her and so I told her your name before the concert.”

      “I can’t believe you did that. Now get in the car and don’t say a word until we get home.” I angrily got in the car and slammed the door.

      That night I could not sleep. I stayed up wondering why Cher Lloyd would want to know my name and t thank me in front of thousands of people. All I did was catch her from falling on the ground. If that happened to me I would want to thank the person too but not in front of thousands of people.

      She must be really grateful. Around 6:30 am I decided to keep things off of my mind by looking at my playbook. I have a game today and I did not even get a chance to look at the playbook. At 7am I crashed. I guess I can’t stay awake forever, especially with a football game at 7pm.

         I woke up at around noon to my sister screaming. I picked out my clothes half heartedly. I put on a ACDC t-shirt and a pair of jeans and then went downstairs to the source of screaming. My sisters eyes were glued to the computer screen. “Why are you screaming Dom?” I asked not really wanting to know the answer. I just wanted to get back to bed.

      “Cher Lloyd in staying in town for another week at the Miracle Hotel.” Dominique answered me not taking her eyes off the screen.

      “So?”  I asked again not caring.

      “She is having an autograph session tomorrow at the hotel.”


       “The hotel she is staying in is just down the street. Can you take me?”

       “No. Have mom take you. Now don’t wake me again unless it’s important. If it’s not you’ll get it good.” I walked back up to my room and fell asleep. At around 3 I woke up to Dominique screaming her head off again. I got out of bed and stomped my way downstairs. “Dominique if this is not important I swear…”

      I stopped mid-sentence because of who was standing in my door way. I was…

      “Cher Lloyd?” I said surprised.

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