Molly's P.O.V~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I begin to get frustrated as my pant button wont hook. I grunt,Feeling tears trickle down my face.

"WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!" I scream as the bedroom door opens. I cover myself,Being in only a bra,And trying to button my pants. Its Liam.

"Ooooooh babe you loo-. Are you crying!?" He rushes me way,Pulling my face to look into his.

"I'm so fat! I cant even button my pants!" I plot on the floor,Covering my face as i land.

"Your not fat Molly. Never was. Your pregnant,Which,You don't even look like you are."

I stand,Looking at myself in the mirror with disgust. I begin to feel tears doll down my face once again.

"Your not going to love me Liam. When I'm huge,Swollen,Hormonal,Always hungry,And cant fit into anything but your clothes and my underwear and bra!" I'm pacing back and forth,Pulling a tantrum. I'm over reacting,But everything is coming into realization at once.

I feel hands cover my mouth.

"Shut up. Your being ridiculous. I will love you every minute by the day. Its my choice and honor to go through this with you. Because i get what i always wanted. You know what that is?"

He lifts his fingers,Waiting for a response. "Whats that?" I smile.

"To have something just as beautiful as you,Running around calling you mommy."

I cant help but smile,And face the ground. He pulls me in for a kiss,Wrapping his arms around me,Realising his warmth.

He turns me around facing the mirror,As he lifts my head to look into the reflection of us both.

"And to be honest..." His hands trail to the front of my unbuttoned pants. My eyebrows lift with curiosity.

"I rather have these off anyways." My pants slowly meet the ground,As my lips meet his. I cant help but smile,Feeling his hands play with the tight jeans.

When they fall,I'm lifted in his arms,Where I'm soon after layed on the bed,Meeting the warmth of Liam's arms,Once more.


"HARRY WE NEED TO GO!!!!!" Louis screams in my ear. I jump as i block my hears from the screech.

"Harry! We do have a interview!" Niall adds.

"Its sad our girlfriends were done before you!" Liam screams.

I cant help but laugh.

"Sorry,Sorry,Sorry. Was trying to make my hair less poofy." I walk my way towards him,Running my fingers through his hair. "I can see that didn't work out." He pokes my stomach with a smile forming on his face.

"Hey! Your hair is curly too!" He says.

"Yes,But mine is maintained!" He pulls me close,Tickling my stomach as i scream "I surrender!!"

"Alright,Alright kids. You have made us late enough." Liam says as he gets between us both.

"Yes. I would like to go soon. I want food!" Niall says as he opens the front door,Motioning us to leave.


"These seats are so close!" I say with amazement as i reach my hand down slowly,Making my way to sit. The other 3 girls sit on both sides of me,As we wait for the show to begin.

After laughing along with the girls,Watching the lady interview a mother of 10,The lady finally says-

"Now,Please give a warm welcome to Liam,Niall,Louis,Zayn,And Harry!!!!!"

One Thing begins to play,As the room fills with sounds of screaming girls. I stand,Clapping as Harry and the boys wave to the crowd,As him blowing a kiss as he meets my eyes.

The boys talk about their album,And about how their whole career has gotten so big in just 2 years.

"So boys,Any new news for me? I'm dieing for something juicy!" Everyone in the audience cheery with agreement. The boys all look to Liam' way.

Us girls all look to Molly,Who is now smiling.

"Liam does." The boys all say at once. The interviewer whales with laughter. Shes trying too hard.

"Well...Yeah....I have some new-" Liam is interrupted when Niall screams.

"HES GOING TO BE A DADDY!!" The audience fills with cheers,As Liam covers his face. I think from relief.

"That's wonderful! Daddy Directioner is going to be a actual daddy! Congratz to you and your beautiful girlfriend Molly!" The room fills with claps,As Liam makes his way to Molly,Kissing her,Holding her close as the camera faces them.

When the room dies down,She begins to face Louis.

"Louis? We heard you are no longer single. We need to hear it from you. Is it true?!" The boys all turn there selves to Louis,Almost as if asking the same question.

Louis looks his way to Stephanie,Almost brightening up. He just looks at her. For seconds. Before he says,"Yes. Its true. I'm with someone I'm crazy for."

Stephanie begins to blush,As she shyly stands,Waving ever so slightly.

"Well,Shes gorgeous! I give my best wishes to you both." He nods his head,Winking to Stephanie just before taking his seat.

"Now,Niall. I'm hoping you are still off the single list!" He burst with laughter,Saying before chuckles.

"Yes,I'm still off the...Single list."There are a few Awes from the crowd,Which seems to irritate Amanda just a bit,But she is soon happy again as Niall takes her hand,Kissing her cheek as she stands,He says-

"And i wouldn't want to be back on it for the world" They are too cute.

"Mr.Malik. Mr.Bad-boy!" Zayn reveals his smile,Showing he has nothing to hide.

"Now your the single one of the bunch still correct? How is this possible?!?!!?"

The audience speaks up,Showing agreement. He laughs.

"I don't know. Just waiting for my perfect girl i guess. Just a frog,Waiting for my princess to come along to make me a prince."

After awes and such,Harry winks my way,Almost as if saying "Our turn."

"Now,Mr. Styles!" Harry smiles cheekily as saying. "Yessss?"

"Now,We all now you and Serena are a pair,And i must say,The cutest!"

"Yes. Me and Serena are still a pair. A year and almost a month,Still going strong." My heart flutters from the sound. I feel my cheeks get hot.

"He even knows the exact date? What a keeper!" She almost screams while looking at me.

I smile. "Yes,But hes also a handful! Keeps me on my toes!" I say. The room fills with laughter.

"You too are too cute. Perfect for each other! I'm speaking for everyone when i say,Get married already!" Me and Harry make eye contact as the words slip her lips.

The boys all laugh,Punching Harry's arms as it's said. While he still looks at me. His lips move as my heart burst.

"I just might."

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