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POV Monica

I probably had to be the luckiest, and the happiest living female in the world. I am a One Directionner. I watched them from start to finish last year in the X-Factor, and I was overjoyed when I heard Simon was going to make these guys a worldwide boy band. That was all I thought about all day. That was what I thought about every day. My teachers told me I was a good student but I was lacking in my studies I was getting B′s but I was a straight A student. Apparently I wasn't trying my best, which I understand, but I was too busy counting the days. I, Monica, was going to a CD signing for One Direction here in Toronto. This was a big deal. It is almost impossible to get tickets to their concerts, so I′ve only been to one―but, they were pretty expensive. But that is nothing compared to the very thought of actually being one footstep away from each member, getting each and every freaking signature that their beautiful, soft hands can write. I am 16, I′ve got a very light brown skin, and I got my curly black hair cut a little shorter―up to my shoulders―for the occasion. I always catch myself looking in the mirror wondering that if I did manage to get a picture with the boy band, my hair wouldn't look to puffy or my chocolate brown eyes wouldn't look too dark. I wasn't insecure about myself, it was just some of those tiny details you'd pay attention to when the time came. I'm just simply self-conscious about myself and beings around me.

I am always counting down the days: 5 more days, 4 more days, 3..., 2...

And after all that waiting, the day was finally here.

My best friends were jealous of me. (Heck, people I never talked to ever in my life were jealous of me.) They wanted me to bring them along-and I knew it was selfish-but I wanted this to be a field trip I spent alone. My Mom graciously agreed to take me when I found out they were coming and besides, it wasn't like I didn't share anything with them.

My aim on this trip: to try and make friends with One Direction. More specifically, Harry Styles. I practically worshipped the boy. He was only a year older than me and that didn't make me any less excited. I thought he had the cutest smile, the cutest dimples, the most dreamy eyes, etc, etc. The list just goes on and on. Harry Styles was basically my life, and I loved living it.

″You going to change your mind?″ nagged Danna, one of my best friends, 16, Niall favorer (not necessarily in that order.)

″Of course not! The signings today.″ I snapped. I didn't mean to, but she's been asking me the same damn question for the past month.

Chloe, my other best friend, 16, Louis favorer (not necessarily in that order, either) sighed. ″Might as well give it up Danna. Besides, you don't need tickets to get in. Just get your damn Mother to take you.″ She was the rational one out of all of us.

″My Mother's working.″ she shot back.

″Then shut the hell up.″

I turned around to Danna. ″Look, I'm sorry I'm not bothering to bring you guys but this is a really big deal for me and I want to have this experience alone. I've shared everything else with you guys. We went to the concert together remember? And that wasn't cheap.″

Chloe nodded. ″She's got a point.″

She wasn't making this any easier. ″Is it okay, Danna, if I could have a memory that I know I did by myself? I promise to get a CD signed for both of you, how's that? ″ Danna's eye contact never left my view for what seemed like forever.

″Fine.″ she decided.

I felt bad for not inviting my friends with me but I need one really good break. I kept my promise though. I always keep my promises, even if I have no reason to.

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