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•Leader• Paintstar- a dappled she-cat with splashes of blue, ginger, and red with violet eyes. (epicfrenchfry)

•Deputy• Mustachefur- black tom with a brown mustache, blue eyes, and red ear tips, paws, and tail tip. (_ZombieWolf_)

•Medicine Cat• Ambereye- small light gray she-cat with one amber eye and one blue eye. (PillowPetLover)


Moondust- white she-cat with gray ears, back, tail, and amber eyes. (PillowPetLover)

Apprentice: Redpaw

Sunpelt- a golden tom with blue eyes. (CrazystarThunderClan)

Dashwind- mottled light ginger tom with dark ginger spots on his sides, thick stripe down his spine, ears, rings on his tail, and stripes next to his eyes; white legs, chest, and underbelly, and amber eyes (epicfrenchfry)

Jayleaf- golden ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes and two light golden front paws. (TheLionPrideLioness)

Silverwing- pretty silver tabby she-cat with light, sky blue eyes. (XxMindlessChicaxX)

Iceflame- jet black she-cat with a blue-silver flame symbol on her left shoulder and innocent purple eyes that can get her out of trouble if she can't fight (IcestarSnowpawDewkit)

Apprentice: Dragonpaw


Redpaw- short-furred red tom with white forepaws and white tipped tail. (Clarice83)

Dragonpaw- jet black tom with red-orange eyes and a dragon symbol on his right shoulder. He has a grudge against Snowpaw from Iceclan (IcestarSnowpawDewkit)


Rippleriver- pretty blue-gray she-cat with dark green eyes. Mother of Mustachefur's kits, Candykit and Pinekit. (_ZombieWolf_)


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