Into the crowd

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Maria's POV

As soon as the seatbelt sign above our heads shut off Jane was up in a flash collecting my bag from the overhead compartment. I quickly shouldered my viola and we were the first ones out of the plane.  We briskly walked through the terminal and emerged from the gate. I looked at the ground so the hat was covering my face from view as I followed Jane's feet through the crowd of people all speaking in a unfamiliar language. I looked up when i saw Jane's feet stop as she spoke a few rapid fire words in Korean to a tall man with broad shoulders and a black windbreaker. I gulped. Jane looked at me and motioned me to hand over my viola and I obliged. The man took our things and started walking- with Jane and I walked behind him. High School had really trained me in the art of being invisible. I saw reporters and photographers going every which way but i just kept my head down and no-one bothered us. We finally reached the exit and hurriedly piled into a black car with tinted windows. As soon as the doors were closed I let out a huge sigh not knowing I held my breath almost the whole time. After exchanging a brief conversation with the man who i nicknamed Hawk (because his eyes never seemed to stop shifting) Jane looked at my expression and laughed"

"Sorry Maria, but it seems like it'll get a little bit tricky when we stop moving" I felt my eyes widen and she hurriedly went one

"-but don't worry! we got a plan. You see our next stop is at the site where you'll be 'revealed' so naturally it's going to be SWARMED with paparazzi. We have a limo that's going to pull in front to divert every ones attention while we slip in the back remember- no-one knows what to expect!" She grinned and my stomach did a back flip.

"They know what to expect Unni- they are just expecting the wrong thing." I sulked still not forgetting our conversation on the plane. She sighed.

"once we get there and inside the stylists and Nu'ests manager will get their first glimpse of you- good luck, those stylists are crazy." She made a face and made circles with her finger making me give a nervous laugh.

"See? even your LAUGH is cute- they will adore you!" she promised and i just gave a weak smile- i hope she's right. 

The rest of the ride was spent by Jane teaching me how to properly greet the stylists and the group's manager. I was actually excited about getting to bow- it just seemed so cool! 

"When you actually meet Nu'est i think you should probably just introduce yourself in English- just so they don't assume you speak Korean and start overwhelming you with questions. Jane speculated "If that happens anyway, well, that's why I'm here!"

"Ayeee Unni what would I do without you!" I squeal hugging her awkwardly around our seatbelts. I felt the car slow down and Jane motioned for me to take of my seatbelt and prepare to run for  a backdoor that she pointed out. "one....two...THREE!" she yelled and we took off running. Jane had added a scarf to cover my face and Hawk the bodyguard ran next to us just in case someone's camera happened to be shooting this way. I didn't bother looking around me- as soon as i got inside the building I dived under a table that Jane was standing next to. I felt eyes on me so i slowly stood up, shedding my scarf and jacket and finally taking off the hat that Jane had smashed on my head. I felt my hair tumble down my back and heard gasps from people behind me. Taking a deep breath and an encouraging smile from Jane i turned around and bowed.


There was about six people standing there- five where women who I estimated were in their mid to late 20's and a Middle aged man who I assumed to be the manager and couldn't be older than my father.  I had just barely greeted them the way Jane had taught me when the stylists started squealing and jumping up and down.  I looked at Jane "Unni why-?"

she laughed " As expected, they thought you were going to be a guy but for you to be a girl- an AMERICAN girl no less-"

"why does that matter?" I ask confused.

" With a guy, they have a limit to how cute they can make him without overdoing the feminism features- with a girl the sky's the limit! Plus your American so they get to do a totally different style! If you want to say anything to them just address them directly and I'll translate." She nodded me forward and I shakily walked a couple steps forward.

"I've never worn makeup before and my skins not the prettiest but please do your best with me and take care of me!" I bowed and heard Jane translating what I hoped was my exact words. When she finished- all hell broke loose. I was swept away into the stylists expert hands. I felt them doing the layers of makeup and heard them squeal once or twice but I couldn't say I didn't like it. This is what I imagined a spa would be like! Before I had the chance to see myself i was whisked through another door and I felt my jaw hit the floor.

The room was FILLED with clothes. Every type of style and color was in front of me and Jane was next to me.

"whoa" we said in unison and looked at each other and grinned. The designers appeared and Jane asked me if I had any preferences to give them. I shook my head

"Just something that makes me look good!" i exclaimed, hoping i didn't sound too vain but Jane laughed and repeated my words- and the designers grinned and from what Jane translated for me- they said "I wish all stars were like this!"

'Not too cute and Not too young..please don't give me striped socks and a lollipop!' I silently pleaded in my head. Jane made me wear a blindfold so that I could "get the whole impact" so the designers had to help me into my clothes and I heard them laugh as I felt myself blush a deep crimson. Awesome-  even through layers of makeup my blush never left. Finally i was being guided to a spot in what I assumed was in front of a mirror and suddenly I could see again. 

What I saw was a completely different person. My hair was now long and straight with skin so smooth i had to touch it just to see what it felt like. My eyeshadow made the green in my eyes pop out like I had always wanted them to. There were no words to describe my outfit. I had black tights that had almost invisible silver streaks so that it had almost a cool metallic look. I had a black semi-poofy skirt and a tight rose colored halter top. I had never known that i looked good in red, I made a mental note for future use. A black belt wound around what now looked like a skinny waist and i had black heels that were to die for. 

I ran up to each and every person and hugged them- not caring if I was doing something wrong or not. Thankfully they seemed to understand and returned my affection with smiles and thumbs up signs. All of a sudden the room got softer and I heard Jane say "It's time to be revealed"

I almost passed out.

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