I untangled Josh from me and said, "What happened?" I shot out of bed and grabbed some shoes.

"Jami got into an car accident. Jenna is in critical condition and Jami is in the ER." Kain said sounding like he was on the verge of crying and I don't even know why. I could understand me but him?

"Kain where are they so I can meet you there."

"At the uh, the..um. St. Mary's hospital." I hung up right away and met up with him.

When I pulled up Kain was standing waiting in front of the doors. "Hey where are they?"

"They are in there. The nurse at the front desk said we can't see them yet just family members. We have to wait."

I nodded my head and sat in the waiting room for three hours. I was getting really impatient. By that time I had told Josh to come and bring me some food when he came. When Josh walked in the doctor came to us with there head down, "I'm sorry to tell you this but, Jami is in a coma. He will be that way for a while. We won't know when he will wake up. Unfortunately, Jenna has died and the baby wasn't able to make it either because she was not that far along."

I sat down and took a deep breath. I was the only one who knew how much Jenna and the baby meant to Jami. When he finds out she died, he will be crushed forever.

"Can you call us when he wakes up?" Kain asked the doctor. I looked over to him making sure he called me also. How did this happen so fast. He was just about to ask her to marry him.

"Do want to see him? Because I'm pretty sure you guys want to leave from waiting so long."

We nodded.

Kain, Josh and I walked in and I started to cry because I couldn't stand to see him like that. In that condition. I wanted to just shake him and tell him to wake up right now so we can talk about everything, but i couldn't because he was in a coma for God knows how long.

"Jami, I love you. I just want you to wake up soon. I know you can hear me but you just can't move." I started to laugh a little bit then cried again, "Oh god. I can't do this." I walked out of the room and Josh followed me.

"Where are you going? Home?"

"Yep where else would I go Josh." I walked out to my car and opened my door then Josh stopped me.

"Do you love Jami?"

I did say that I loved Jami didn't I. It was a moment I didn't even realize I had said it until now, "I do." I said looking up to him.

"You should have just told me instead of me thinking we were going to be together one day."

"I already tried that one day remember? You knew this was never going to work out between us. We are always going to be friends."

He looked at me pretty shocked I had said that. I was pretty shocked too. I didn't expect me to say that. It was pretty harsh when I thought about it.

"I actually thought that we would-"

I cut him off, "Be the best friends that would end up together at the end. No this was NOT one of those love story things where that happens Josh." I closed my door and drove off.

Three weeks after that night, Josh moved out of my place. We hadn't talked since that night. I feel bad for what I sad to him. I have been wanting to apologize for what I said but he hasn't answered my texts, my phone calls. It's like he died.

"Hey Stacie, It's Abby."

"Hey boo! Where you been! I missed you. You doin' alright? Josh and Jami, Gabe?"

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