Chapter Two - Fallen Soldier

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Rashad P.O.V

I Woke Up Today Feeling Tired, But Eager To See What ShorterGarden Projects Has To Offer Today. I Got up and Randomly Picked Some Clothes. White Baggy Tee, Denim Starched Jeans and All white Low top Nikes. I Grabbed My Pick and Picked my Nappy Hair Squinting my Eyes because of the Naps That got Pulled. And Headed Out The Door, But on His way out he Noticed Nesha At the Table Sleep From her Studying All Night. I Picked her Up and Layed her in The Bed and Tucked her In. The Headed back to the Door. On The Way Out I Saw Damon Leaving His Apartment Down The Hall As He Came to Meet up With me , I Looked At Him And Said Emotionless " Damn You Up Early Nigga" . Damon Replied Chuckling " Early Bird Gets The Worm " , I Looked Down and Said " True".

Damon: Come on Nigga I Got a meeting with Hot Boyz, And they Waiting

I Followed Him as We Headed To the Location. On the way We Got intercepted By Bodie and Tate.

Bodie : Wassup Niggas, Where Da Fuck Y'all Goin?

Damon : Dna Office ...

Bodie : Fo What Nigga?

Damon : To Find Yo Real Daddy Al Green Look Alike Muthafucka

Bodie : Aye Nigga Fuck You! Hoe Ass.

I Looked At Damon As He Stopped And Clinched His fist. Out The Blue Damon Hit Bodie In The Chest So Hard He Knocked The Wind out Of His Chest. Bodie Standed There Breathing hard Trying To Regain Conscious. Damon, Me and Tate Started Walking. I Looked Back and Saw Bodie on The phone Mumblin Staring at us. I Turned around And Kept Walking. After Hitting The Corner A Car Rolled Up Beside Us As We Kept Walking. The Let The Window Down and Stuck His Arm Out the Window, Soon More Arms Came out. I Noticed they Had Guns... That's When The Bullets Flew

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