Chapter 1- He's A Jerk

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Note: because I originally wrote this with the names of my friends and family, I recently went back and edited most of the book, so I implore you, if you see or read a name that randomly appears and has no context or it confuses you, put a comment on it and I will fix it. The major one right now is Patricia, which is supposed to be Layla.

Chapter 1

The beginning of another year of high school.

At a new school.

Another prison to be afraid of. I'm going to be on lock down, and in solitary confinement for another four years.

My plan: lay low and don't make eye contact.

At least I have Layla with me for some support, but she's a year older than me and already has her group of friends. She's been with me since practically day one. We were introduced by our moms when she was five and I was four. On our first meeting, we ended up sitting on the floor of my closet talking about everything under the sun. She's been my rock, my one constant I could always depend on. She is the only person who knows the real me. I don't like being all morbid, quiet, and reserved, but I'm forced to. Especially around new people. Layla is the only one I let see that side of myself.

And now it's the first day of school, and I can't even enter the building with her.

I was right, this school is going to be hell.

A scowl found its way onto my face as I stood by myself in front of my new school, listening to So Close by Jennette McCurdy; waiting for the Entrance bell. First day of freshmen year and I'm not only alone, but I am getting weird looks from all the normal looking people around me. By normal, I mean people who have lives and friends.

I'm not normal. Not by those standards.

I was new, even to the school, everyone else having already been in school together for the last two years. But I was in desperate need of some time away from the bullies in my last school, especially after the incident. So, Jameson High was my new transfer, it was perfect, had a small student population, was surrounded by a forest preserve, and had IB League credentials. A place my mom would approve of without me having to explain my decision.

I was well aware of my surroundings, and though my hearing wasn't the best, I could clearly hear all the girls around me whisper words like: Fat, Why, and How.

They were all wondering how the fat stranger had gotten into their exclusive school. I had had to take a rigorous entrance exam that was supposed to be one of the hardest in the country, and passed, but just barely.

Everyone around me was different from me, but similar to each other in multiple ways: The girls all had blond or brown long, shimmering hair, with either bright blue or rich brown eyes. The guys were no less exquisite looking, they were all muscle, and strong jaws. Not to mention the caramel tans found on them all.

It took all my will power not to gape at them all, heck, it took me forever to get to my position by the gate. I was so intimidated by the people staring me down that I didn't want to enter the school at all.

The bell called us all into the building. I pushed off the gate, removed my headphones and was engulfed in the droning of the perfect strangers and teachers.

As I walked into the building, I was overwhelmed with confusion. They expect us to find our way around this thing on our first day? They're crazy! I was standing off to the side of the front door, looking around hopelessly.

The school was big, formed an 'E' shape, and the interior resembled an Elementary school more than a High school. The lockers were small, and covered every part of the hallway walls. There were banners hanging up showcasing the random clubs and teams that were sure to bombard the freshmen with information this week.

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