You Promised Me A Lie - [ Harry Styles FanFic ]

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"Sky?" A deep voice said.

Only one person called her that. She froze as memories came flooding back into her mind.


"OW!" A small 6 year old girl shrieked.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" Another 6 year old boy exclaimed.

"Not really! A stranger just bumped into me!" She retorted from the ground.

"I'm sorry! I'm Harry. Harry Styles," He said offering his hand and and a smile.

"Skylar. Skylar Elliotts." She replied smiling and getting up.

"I think I'll call you Sky," He said smiling proudly.

"But my name is Skylar!" She shouted back as he walked away.

"But I like calling you Sky," He said smirking.

She huffed and turned around.

"But hey, why do you sound so weird?" He asked catching back up to her.

"I don't. You do! And I dunno. I moved from America." She replied.



"Harry!! You can't just let my dog run off like that!!!" The 10 year old screamed at the other child, "ROCKET!!! COME BACK!!" 

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to. But hey look! He's coming back now!"

As if on cue Rocket came crashing back into Skylar.

"Forgive me..? Please? Best friennnndddd...?"  He begged.

"Fine. But only because he came back."


"Can you BELIEVE we're going into high school already?!" She shrieked to Harry.

"Nope!" He said popping the 'p'," Now I can meet new girls," He said grinning like an idiot.

"Yes, because all the girls will drool over you," She said adding a laugh.

"Yup! Maybe even you will be falling at my feet!" He joked while smirking.

"Oh please. I'll probably see a flying pig before that happens," She said slapping his arm playfully.

"Whatever you sayyyy..." He said with a cheeky wink.

She simply rolled her eyes and wallked into her house.


"Hey Sky! This is Caroline. My girlfriend," He said grinning.

It was only their second month of high school... She thought.

"Oh. Cool. Nice to meet you," She said smiling.


"Sky! Over here!" He called, "This is Emily. My new girlfriend."

"Cool, Hi," She said smiling.


"Oh, and this is Samantha. My girlfriend," He said smiling.

"Hi," Sky replied faking a smile.


"How many girls have you dated these past two years alone, Harry Styles?!" Sky practically shouted at him.

"I dunno..." He trailed off.

"Ugh." She replied and walked away.


"Tracy, Will you go to the winter formal with me?" Sky heard from around the corner at school. She peeked over the corner and saw Harry asking her best friend in the middle of the hallway with everyone watching.

"Of course..." Sky muttered under her breath and walked away.

What's wrong with me?, she wondered to herself. Was she not good enough for Harry anymore? He'd been neglecting her for practically 3 weeks.


"I'm sure you'll do fine, Harry. Go for it! You're a great singer!" Sky shouted at him.

"I don't know...." He replied shakily.

"Go for it. You'll do wonderful. I'll still be here when you're famous and girls everywhere are screaming your name," She said smiling.

"Really?" He said smiling, "Thanks. A lot." 

"No problem. Now go out there and win it." She said.

"Thanks," He said walking away with a smile, "Oh. And Sky?"


"I promise I won't ever forget about you." He said smiling, "Ever."

She smiled and watched her best friend audition for the X-Factor.


She had completely supported him. Until she realized the truth behind her situation.

Harry Styles had broke his one and only promise to her. 

"I promise I won't ever forget about you," He said smiling, "Ever."

His words echoed in her mind. 

"I hate you, Harry Styles." She muttered aloud into her empty room.


She snapped back to reality.

"I hate you, Harry Styles." She said storming out of the coffee shop she was in.

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