The Blue of the Ocean

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"Melanie!" My mum screamed. "We're going to be late!" I twitched my tail in irritation. 

"Coming!" I called back. I quickly swam over to where she was impatiently waiting.

"We can't miss the coronation! You're going to make us late!" That was today? Oh. Mandatory for us all to see in person. Nobody cares about new princes and princesses! At least, I don't. I grabbed a couple sand dollars, just in case, and followed mum.


When we got to the reef, I groaned. I'd never be able to find Harper in this mess of merfolk. I almost lost sight of mum's deep blue tail twice on the way to the anenomes. I was just about to start looking for Harper when I heard laughing behind me. I turned around.

Harper was swimming quickly towards me. Over her shoulder I saw the pink tails of the reef. The ones who think they're perfect.The ones everyone hates. Maggie blew a kiss to me, but i ignored her and turned to Harper. 

"What happened this time?" I sighed. She glared at me.

"The usual. You know, stuff about this." She gestured to her ebony tail. Sure, it was unusual, but not unheard of. One of our greatest kings had an ebony tail. "Why can't I have tail liike yours? Yours is so plain and average!" Gee, thanks. I twas true, though. While Harper could be clearly identified from a distance, my green tail was nothing special. half the merpeople at our reef school had similiar colored tails.

"Shh! It's about to start!" My mum hissed at us. Great. A new. dazzling member of the royal family to outshine all of us.

The Queen glided out onto the ledge. Her gold tail reflected the light in te water, make it sparkle and shine like the sun. Of course, I've only ever seen the sun a few times. It takes a while t get to the surface, and then your eyes have to adjust. But it was gorgeous. She was followed by the silver-tailed princess, and finally, the King. He paused briefly to wave and bow to us, then beckoned to someone hidden with a flick of his pure white scales. 

Out from the shadow of the ledge came a merman. But this tail wsn't a royal one. It was average-looking, like mine. Mum was horrifed.

"That can't be the new prince! He's so regular! Nobody will ever be able to tell he's royal! How is that acceptable?" Some people sitting near us gave us looks. Mum frowned. "Well, maybe it's to protect him, you kn-oh!" She stopped then and shushed me when I asked what was wrong.

Harper just shrugged. "

"Who knows? Your mom is weid when it comes to stuff like this. You know that." Yes. But why? I never was told anything. Why my dad left, why I couldn't leave the reef-ever! And why mum wsa obssessed with the royal family. Does she not trust me? We're all the other one's got, so I've always confided in her. 

Something fishy was happening, and I didn't like it. 

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