This Diary Is about KatyHoranxx (A Great Cuz and Bud on wattpad) 


                                                       Friday 24th August

Hi this is my new diary, my cousin Jess got me it! but the thing is i was only happy a bit because Jess and i have war sometimes about which band member is better Zain Or Niall I love Niall and Jess loves Zain urghhh! anyway im kinda bored so i'm going to go upstairs to plan some things for my coming party! it's going to be hunger games! :D i love Hunger Games as much as i love One Direction and thats more than anything! i feel like going to bed now because i need to get up very early tomorrow to plan everything for my party.

                                                  Saturday 25th August

Well i did get up early but you know how? my dog dolly licked my face and my other dog jake almost took off my hand with his sharp vampire teeth! anyway, i felt like flying but everyone knows people can't fly!!!!!!! I went downstairs and went on wattpad. Yay!!! i loved wattpad because i love reading and reading and looking stuff up about Niall he is dreamy ya know!

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