Chapter 18

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  It has been 2 days sense CC asked me to marry him, I still hadn’t told Allan, or anyone really, the guys knew because they were in on it. I have to tell Lumps soon... and Allan, how am I am going to break it to Allan that I am engaged? I mean, it could be worse, I could be pregnant, that would suck, thank heavens I am not though! Me and CC haven’t really talked about the wedding, at all.

  My phone rang, it was Ash.


 Hey dude, what’s up?

  Come down to the board walk, people showed up after you cancelled it, there are people here!

  Fuck, okay I will be there soon, how many?

  Awesome, about 20.

  Fucking shit okay.


  Fuck man, I cancelled it and everything.

  I quickly brushed my hair, I didn’t even put in my extensions, I put on some eye liner, and I just left.

  Once I got there I told everyone and I said sorry at least 500 times to ever person. They were all pretty understanding. Witch was amazing, after they were all handled with I went to find Ash, why was he here? I went off looking and I saw him with someone, It looks like Lumps but… it can’t be, she would have told me if she was in town… I walked over and it was Lumps. I slapped her on the back of the head.


  “WHAT THE SHIT MAN?!” I asked her.

  “I was going to tell you I was here later today calm down.”

  “I assume Ash told you the good news then?” I asked, looking to Ash.


  “Really? Hm.. Well, HE ASKED ME TO MARRY HIM!” I yelled and threw out my hand for her to look at the ring.

  “AHHHH!”  We both shrieked.

  “Do you have any plans? Do you know what you dress will look like? DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING DONE?!”

  “Nope not yet, but I know the dress I want, I have had the sketches for it sense I was like 13”

  “YAY When do you want to get married?”

  “Calm down, me and CC haven’t even talked about anything yet.” I looked at her like she was crazy. “Hey Ash, do you know anywhere good I can get a tattoo done? I have been wanting one for the longest time...”

  “I can give you one, I am pretty good at it.”

  “I don’t know, I would rather to go a pro place…”

  “Fine, there is one just down the street from here, what do you want done?”

  “I want a lot, the dark mark, three stars behind my ear, Always on my wrist, I already have my first tattoo done though.”

  “What is it?”

  “Well, NO ONE knows about it, not even CC, but I have two BVB stars, on each hip, inside they both say CC. I got them a few months before I met yall.

  “That’s awesome! I wanna see!” He said.

   I pulled my pants down a pit farther so you could see them.

  “That’s awesome!”

  “I know, I couldn’t even wear pants for like a month because it hurt, I couldn’t leave my house because I had to walk around in my underwear.” I started laughing.

  Ash shifted awkwardly where he was sitting.

  “Anyways, I am going to go home, I still have to find a way to tell Allan.”

  “You haven’t told him yet?”

  “Nope.. I need to though.”

  “Just walk up to him and say it.”

  “I’ll try, BYE GUYS!” I gave them both hugs and went on my way.

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