Chapter 20

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Three days had passed and there was still no sign of Max. I was beginning to get extremely nervous and terrified that something bad happened to him. I knew in the back of my mind that I shouldn’t feel bad, but he was still my boyfriend and I still loved him. Of course, when I was able to escape with Nikki, then I would never take him back. As much as I loved him, I knew that what he did was wrong, and it’s was not to be forgiven easily. I wanted him to rot in jail, Carl alongside him. They had no excuse for how they treated us. It was hard explaining that to Nikki sometimes. She was always so down and blaming herself for everything Carl did to her, but I would always reassure her that it wasn’t her fault. He was the one who had problems, not her.

After I had woken up, Nikki had no choice but to tell Carl everything, except she left the bit out about the tracking device. Surprisingly, he was fine with her helping me and stitching me up. He even said he was proud of her for doing the right thing. I was in the room as she explained it because I feared he would do something to her, so I wanted to be present. When he had said those things to her, her eyes lit up and she looked so happy. I realized that it was those moments that Nikki missed. I could see the man she had fallen in love with, but she knew as well as I did that he would never fully go back to that.

I didn’t spend too much time socializing because I was too busy planning an escape in my head. I didn’t want to leave any evidence, so I was always thinking about what we could do. It was obvious that we’d have to wait until I was able to walk normally, or else we wouldn’t get too far. My ankle was still hurting, but I knew I could force myself to run on it if I had to. The pain would be nothing compared to everything I had been through.

Because I was mostly spending time in my mind those three days, my thoughts would wander to my family and friends. I couldn’t imagine the pain they were feeling. I hadn’t contacted them or anything, so I knew they’d be extremely worried. Amy and Lori were probably all worked up, also. I didn’t know what the date was, so I wasn’t sure if school had started already. My mind was so jumbled about everything. I wanted desperately to get out of there and find Nikki somewhere to go.

I had asked Nikki if she could live with relatives or friends, but she said she couldn’t. Her parents had died two years ago, and she didn’t have any other family around. It had been easier for Carl to take her under his wing, considering how vulnerable she was. She had been homeless, scared, and he was caring and comforting. If she had any idea he was going to turn out the way he did, she would have never moved in with him.

I figured I’d have to take a year off of school when I got back. I wouldn’t be mentally or physically prepared to even be around that kind of atmosphere. And I was considering having Nikki stay with me, and then she could possibly go to school with me too. I always made sure my thoughts stayed towards the positive side. I’d tell myself when, and not if, so I wouldn’t get discouraged.

It was hard, though. I would have random bouts of depression and could see myself ending my life then and there. I’d usually cry for hours on end, but then tell myself how silly I was being and suck it up. I couldn’t end it all; I had family, friends, and now Nikki. She needed me more than anything. We had become extremely close during my stay. I considered her more as a sister now rather than a friend. We were so alike in every way, and always got along perfectly. We were there for each other no matter what, and I hoped it stayed that.


“I think your head is going to explode.”

My gaze wandered over to Nikki and I gave her a puzzled expression. “What are you talking about?” I asked.

She giggled and nudged my arm. “You’re always so quiet, I feel like with all the thinking you’re doing, you’re going to explode.”

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