Chapter 12 - Brainstorm

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This is what happened when originally I sat down to write Chapter 12. That was the first time ever I had planned out what was going to happen. Normally, I have a general idea of the direction I want the story to travel in, but I was struggling with this one. I hope you find it interesting to see how I worked, I know I love seeing the preliminary plans for things.


Chapter 12

Well this is going well isn't it.

Stop writing stupid sentences and think.

I am thinking.

Ok, let's brainstorm. What would you do if you found out your boyfriend was a 500 year old painter?

Uhh … it helps if you have had a proper boyfriend.

Come on

Ok. Well, I would probably freak out-

-Too late for that, Ash has already said he'd stick with Sage

Ok. Then I would … carry on as normal

Jeez, this is not going to be a good ending.

I know

Ok. Let's start with Ash telling Rache.

Good idea. That could be very interesting.

She is going to completely freak out.

Big time.

Maybe she should try and get Ash to break up with him.

OOOH! YES! OR! Ash could break up with him in the chapter before, or completely freak out, and then tell Rache-

-and she freaks out too

Yeah, and he completely avoids him at school -

-oh, and Sage could take loads of time off-

-because he is (not going to write it here)

Oh my God! That is amazing. Yes. Ash can go into moping, and when Sage comes back, they get back together.

Nice one.

And then they live happily ever after, well not quite.

Good news is we know where to take the story now.

Well that is brilliant.

Now we just need our laptop or some wi-fi so that we can make the amendments to the previous chapter before writing the next one.

(That's how badly this story was going. Before I wrote this, it read 'This story is officially a write-off'. It's not now though, but it got so close that I had to brainstorm ideas. With myself.)

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