My Rules

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1.      I don’t care what your literacy level is. As long as I can understand you, then we’ll get along great.

2.      I do not have any limits when it comes to sex, violence, or language. If you do, please let me know.

3.      This will be long-term. I get on frequently so I expect at least one reply every day or two. If you are a busy person and it takes days for you to reply, then please don’t bother contacting me.

4.      This is for fun, so if you expect several paragraphs for each reply, then I must say that you will be disappointed. I don’t want to do something that I have to think long and hard about. I enjoy roleplaying because it gets my mind off of things, so please don’t make me feel like I am being graded.

5.      I prefer playing female, but I don’t mind being male if you ask nicely. However, DOUBLING is suggested.

6.      I will do FxM or F//. No M//.

7.      Romance is a requirement.

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