Chapter 5

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I woke up the next day totally ready to go hang out with Wayne! I was so exited! I grabbed my phone and I had a new text. It was from Wayne.

From Wayne

Brylee, wear comfy clothes! The lads and I decided we were gunna have a movie night :) XX

I ran over to my closet, where Leslie had already  put all of my clothes away. I found a cute sweatshirt and some sweatpants. I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked ok. I looked like shit.

I totally forgot that my face was all bruised and cut from when Kelly smashed it into the tub. My nose was a little purple and there was little cuts all over the place. How come no one told me? I tried to cover it with makeup but it hurt way to much. I just left it the way it was. Hopefully no one would notice or ask questions. I left my hair down. I thought I looked decent enough to go hang out with my new friend.

As I was walking out the door Leslie came up behind me.

"Where are you going dear?" She asked in her flawless accent.

"I was going to hang out with a guy I met. His name is Wayne. He is very nice, I promise I will be home at a reasonable time!" 

"Brylee, you've been locked in a hell house for 3 years. You deserve some fun! Stay out as late as you want, but let me know you are ok later!" Leslie said.

"Thank you!!!" I squealed as I ran out the door.

I walked for a while trying to find Wayne's house. He gave me turn by turn directions so I wouldn't get lost.

"This looks like the place!" I said to myself. I went up and rang the doorbell.

"Coming!" Wayne's voice rang through the house.

"Hello!" Zayn Malik's face appeared as the door flew open.

"Oh,um I must have the wrong house...." I said quietly and turned to leave.

"Brylee come here!" Zayn said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

"How do you know my name?" I was so confused.

"I pretended to be Wayne yesterday so you didn't start screaming and fangirling all over me. I figured since you like One Direction it would be a nice surprise for you!"

I didn't know what to think. But before I could say anything Niall came running to the door.

"Hello there!  Woah........." Niall looked at my face. "What happened? Are you ok?"

Zayn quickly changed the subject.

"Lets go meet the rest of the lads."

He grabbed my hand and pulled my inside. He lead me into what looked to be the living room.

"Everyone, this is Brylee. Brylee, I'm guessing you already know who they are."

Everyone said hi before someone came up behind me and wrapped their arms around my waist. Then they started pulling me up the stairs. I was yelling and telling them to put me down. They didn't listen and then pulled me into a room. They finally let me go and I turned around and automatically slapped them in the face. It was Niall.

"What was that for?" He said, he was still laughing at me even though he was obviously in pain.

"You just kidnapped me!" I started laughing too.

He picked me up bridal style and walked with me down the stairs. All of the eyes in the living room went to me and Niall.

"What were you doing up there?" Liam asked and shot us a wink.

"I just wanted to give the girl a laugh." Niall smiled.

"So how about we get to know about you Brylee!" Harry smiled and winked at me. What a flirt.

"Well, my name is Brylee Johnson, I'm from America, obviously, and umm........"

Zayn cut in. "Why did you come to London?"

I froze. Should I tell them the truth? No, they would be so disgusted. Zayn had already seen my scars. He knew something was wrong. I wasn't ready to tell him though.

"Well, I just wanted to visit."

"Well who are you staying with then?" Louis asked.

"My......aunt Leslie." I lied.

Zayn looked at me with a puzzled look. I could tell he was on to me. But I just couldn't trust to tell him yet.

"Hey guys can we talk about something else?" I just wanted to change the subject.

"Sure babe!" Niall turned on his Irish charm.

Harry butted in. "Hey Brylee you are really calm around us. It's so easy to talk to you! And you are a big fan of ours right?"

"Yeah, I'm a huge fan. I've never been to a concert or anything, but I know a ton about you. That sounded really creepy i'm sorry!"

Louis added, "Oh trust me we have heard much worse!"

We all laughed. We sat there for a few hours just talking about random things and just got to know each other. It was a ton of fun!

"How about we watch a movie guys!" Harry suggested.

"I'LL GET THE POPCORN!!!!!" Niall yelled as he sprinted into the kitchen.

We all adjusted ourselves around the room. Harry, Louis, and Niall cuddled on the couch. Liam occupied the recliner chair next to them. Zayn and I sat on a love seat. This was going to be an awkward movie.


When the movie ended, Lou and Harry were cuddling and had fallen asleep on each other. Niall's face was in the popcorn, he was asleep as well. Liam was texting Danielle. Zayn and I were just talking about the movie.

"Oh shit!" I yelled super loud on accident, causing Niall to jump and the popcorn went everywhere. "I forgot to text Leslie! I should probably start walking home."

"NO WE CAN'T LET YOU LEAVE!" Louis woke up screaming.

Zayn interrupted, "What he means to say is it's probably not a safe idea for you to walk home at 12:30 in the middle of the night. I could give you a ride! or......"

"Or what?" I questioned.

"You could stay the night, you know if its ok with your aunt. Don't worry you can sleep on the couch alone." Zayn looked at me and gave me the cutest puppy dog face i've ever seen.

"I guess i'm sleeping here! I better text Leslie though! But wait... I don't have any clothes."

"You can wear one of my old t-shirts and some old shorts to bed." Zayn offered.

"Ok, cool!"

I went into the bathroom to get changed. I slipped into Zayn's old clothes. They were so comfortable! I was about to walk out when I started to feel very faint. I opened the door and Liam was staring back at me.

"Are you ok Brylee?" He asked very concerned.

"Yes I fed the cat Billy" What the hell was I saying?

"You better sit down..."

but before Liam could finish his sentence I blacked out.



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