Chapter 5- IDK wut to call it

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Chapter 5-

"... Rachel Truth or Dare?" said Percy. Rachel looked up and smiled.

"Truth!" everyone stared at her.

"Wuss. Fine, ummm... Who do you 'like'?" Rachel rolled her eyes and Annabeth stared at Percy.

"Percy, you're as bad as Jason." He shrugged. "Okay, Rachel, What is the square root of the 10th power of 8?" she asked. Everyone stared at her eyes wide.

"Yes, and you're worst then Jason." Said Leo fiddling with some copper wires absently and starring at her like 'You really think that's a good question?'

"Okay, let's just go with Percy question, alright?" said Jason in the washroom tending to his bleeding neck.

"Alright, well no one actually- I really can't. Oracle of Delphi." Rachel gestured to herself. Percy blushed.

"Right." He said. Some people laughed and Jason fake laughed from the bathroom sarcastically.

"Jason, get out here, Rachel's about to ask someone Truth or Dare, it should be good." Said Piper. Jason came out of the bathroom and sat down.

"So, Rachels, who's next?" asked Jason. Rachel thought for a moment, she was stumped. Then just as she was about to say 'Annabeth' when Grover walked in with a murderess glare. He pointed to Nico who yelped and hit behind a bunk.

"He is sooooo dead." Nico popped up from the bunk and pulled out his sword. Percy stood up. He went over to Grover.

"G-man, I know what he did was really mean and all but let it go. Juniper forgave you right?" Grover nodded his eyes still on Nico. "Then just sit down and let's play Truth or Dare." Grover sighed and sat down near the door. Percy went back to Annabeth. "Nico put your sword away. The big scary satyr won't hurt you." Nico sat down and everyone looked at Rachel- except Leo. He was fiddling with the same copper wires and it was slowly turning in some sort of wind up toy.

"Leo," He looked up and smiled crookedly.

"This should be good."

"So Valdez, Truth or Dare?..."

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