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Hey guys!! so this is chapter 3, completed as of now!! oh, and what do you guys think's going on with Jack and Issy?! haha!xo~Hypnotised

We must have been talking for about an hour before I realised Charlie hadn’t come to find me, or give me my drink. He’s probably looking for me, I thought.

“I should go and find Charlie” I said to Jack

“Yeah” he muttered

“What?” I asked, slightly annoyed at the tone in which he said that

“Well we’ve been out here for ages and he hasn’t come to find you” he said, his words like ice on my skin

“He’s probably looking for me” I dismissed the idea that was passing through my head that maybe he’d forgotten about me “he might not think to check up here” I added

“Okay” he said, looking doubtful “I’ll be inside if you need me” he moved past me and went back into the house. I exhaled, hard. I realised I’d been holding my breath since Jack doubted my comment about Charlie looking for me. I had a horrible sick feeling in my stomach, what if Charlie wasn’t looking for me? What if he’d forgotten about me? I looked down at my hands and saw the ring. No, no Issy you’re being stupid! This is Charlie, he loves you! Of course he’s looking for you. I swallowed the sick feeling that was rising in my throat, smiled and walked back into the house.

I headed back to the dance floor and found Jas.

“Jas!” I called; she turned round and smiled when she saw me.

“Hey Iss!” she shouted over the beat of the music, there were less people dancing now, but the floor still seemed pretty crowded. “What’s up?” Jas asked me

“Have you seen Charlie?” I asked, looking around

“Last time I saw him he was heading to the kitchen” she said “but that was ages ago! I thought he was with you?”

“No” I said “I was with Jack”

“Oh, do you want me to help you find him?” she asked, looking concerned

“No it’s fine, thank you” I said. She smiled and went back to wrapping her arms around Robbie’s neck as I headed for the sitting room. When I arrived I saw Maisy and her boyfriend practically eating each other on one of the sofas, and some other people who I couldn’t see well enough to name, doing the exact same thing on the other sofa. Nice, I thought, but still no Charlie. I slipped out of the room and tried to think of where he could be. Perhaps he was still in the kitchen, talking to Mark or someone. I headed in the direction of the kitchen squeezing past everyone who was still dancing.

When I got to the door way I froze. My whole body began shaking uncontrollably and my breath got shorter and faster. Tears stabbed at the back of my eyes and my throat began to burn as the sick feeling started to rise again as I stood staring at Charlie with his hands gripping Melissa Duggan’s butt, her arms were on his shoulders and her hands were running through his hair. Their lips were attached and they were kissing with such intensity a meteor couldn’t have pulled them apart. Before I could stop it a hollow scream emerged from inside me as tears fell from my eyes faster than a waterfall, smearing mascara down my cheeks. They stopped kissing and looked at me, stood there like an idiot holding my stomach, willing myself not to throw up.

“Issy!” Charlie started, looking dumbstruck and lost for words “it’s not what it looks like! I was just… you were… we...” he stumbled over his words- his lies, like he was tripping over a loose part of the pavement. I held up my hand to stop him from speaking his disgusting words, and ran from the room.

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