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Enjoy the second chapter. All of their names are going to be letters so








Swim Suits in comment section


Kari's POV

After mom left we all sat on the couch playing Call Of Duty and dringking Red Bull. The order was Tyler,Alex,Me,Robert,Aly,Austin then Zach. After a while we were all really hyper from the Red Bull.

A-Hey why don't we go swim?!?!?!?!?!? (he said while bouncing up and down)

Everyone-OK YAY!!!!

We all got changed in to our swim suits and ran outside and jumped in the pool.

Me and Aly were leaning on the side of the pool talking when all of a sudden we were pulled under water by Austin and Alex. When we came up we saw Tyler,Zach and Robert laughing. Me and ALy looked at each other with the same thought in mind. We went under the water and I grabbed Alex and she grabbed Austin and we pulled them under. While we were underwater I looked in Alex's eyes. I never noticed how beautiful his eyes were, we stayed underwater for a while just staring at each other. When we came back up we saw the everyone was staring at us. We quickly looked away from them and I stared blush and so did Alex.

A-AWWWW!!!!! Alex is blushing

Z and R-So is Kari!!!!!

After at whlie Zach,Robert and Tyler got out because the were cold and went on Alex's YouNow account and did a YouNow while Aly,Austin, Alex and I stayed in the pool

Aly and Austin went to one side of the pool to talk, Alex and I did the same.

When ever I looked at Tyler he was staring at Austin and Aly, he looked kinda mad but also a little happy.

When I looked at Robert he was looking at me and Alex he looked kinda jealous. I wonder what that's about?

After like an hour we all got out of the pool and went inside and changed in to our pajamas


We were all sitting in a circle on the floor the order was Tyler,Zach,Robert,Me,Alex,Austin then Aly. We were talking for a while then Austin suggested that we play Truth-Or-Dare. I have a feelings this might end badly.

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