20 years ago, the charmed ones recieved their powers. For 8 years, they faught demons, warlocks and various other magical sources, including the source. As in the source of all evil. Once the power of three won the ultimate battle, the charmed ones tried to lead normal lives- Piper, Phoebe and Paige, along with Leo, Wyatt, Melinda, Chris, Cupe, Prue, Henry and Henry Junior.

With the Power Of Three past it's time, it's time for the power of 5 to take it's place in the witch world, and with the help of the three most powerful witches in the world, what's the worst that can happen?

I do not own charmed or any of the characters, the power of three and all of their children belong to Constance M. Burge and Spelling Television. This story is purely a work of Fan Fiction and the only thing I own is the plot lines. also, demons warlocks spells and the book of shadows also belong to Spelling Television.


Melinda's POV~

" Guys we need the book!" I shouted as we all jumped into the car and Wyatt started it up.

" But that's back at the mannor!" Chris yelled and Henry shot him a look.

" Look," Prue said and we all turned to look at her, apart from Wyatt, who was driving.

" Don't all get your knickers in a twist, Melinda's right, we need the ORIGIONAL book of shadows," She said and Wyatt sighed, turning around and heading to Halliwell Mannor.


" What am I even looking for?!" Chris stressed as he flipped through the book of shaddows, looking for anything that could help us against the demon we were fighting.

" Um... MOM!!! Aunt Paige!!! Aunt Phoebe!!!" I called and I heard two sets of feet coming up the stairs and saw white/blue lights around me from Aunt Paige orbing into the room.

" What's up Melinda?" Mom asked me and I gave her a description of the demon we had just seen.

" It's a swarm demon" Aunt Phoebe said and we looked at her. She told us what a swarm demon was and how to vanquish it.

" Three of you will have to go out there and say a power of three spell." She held out the spell in her hand, which Wyatt took.

The other two can stay here and catch up on a little light reading from the book, you seem a little rusty" she said and we laughed, me, Wyatt and Chris instantly orbing out- what can I say? I am part whitelighter afterall. When we...materialised in the demon hive I looked at my brothers, who were giving me death looks.

" You were meant to send Henry" Wyatt said.

" Yeah, you're too young for all of this vanquishing, and you're our sister, you're meant to stay safe" Chris agreed and I pushed them aside.

" Come out, come out, wherever you are" I taunted to the swarm demon, and I saw as it fled out of the corner. I instantly froze it and Wyatt took the spell out of his pocket. He held it in front of us and read it aloud. After vanquishing over 40 demons we finally found the lair of the king of the swarm demons. I froze this one too, and we said the spell once more.

                                                    " Demon swarm that serves as one, vanquish him from which they come!" We recited and the demon burst into painful looking flames that engulfed his body. he was swallowed up into the floor and I smiled at my brothers.

" Don't you just love it when demons clean up after themselves?" I asked them and they smirked at me, rolling their eyes before we all orbed back to the mannor.

" How did it go?" Henry and Prue asked when we got back to the attic. They were sitting with the book between them and looked up when we came back. Mom and our Aunts were in there too, along with Dad, Uncle Henry, and Uncle Cupe.

" Melinda Pearl Halliwell just what do you think you were doing!" My father yelled.

" Leo-" Mom tried to stop him but he carried on his rampage.

" You always, always confer with your cousins before you go off and vanquish a demons! You do not go orbing off without saying! Okay, rant over, did you kick some demon ass?" And that was my Dad. My bipolar, but completely loveable father.

" Hell yeah we did" I said to him and he hi 5'd me.

And that is just a few hours in the life of a Halliwell. We get attacked by demons every week. We get injured, our powers grow, and we argue. We get told off by our parents, but hell, we are closer than most cousins, and that leaves us charmed.

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