Tell Me A Lie One Direction Fan Fic

“I’m at a payphone tryin' to call home all of my change I spent on you!”  I started singing.  I was just returning home from a party I performed at.  I’m an amateur singer that wants to go big time, but the most I can settle for now is performing at bars and parties, small stuff like that.  I had my friends back me up in instruments and I sometimes played guitar.  I usually sang pop tunes like Payphone, Call Me Maybe, Everybody Talks, and my personal favorite, What Makes You Beautiful.  I loved One Direction, but who doesn’t?  They are British and Irish, really good singers, and SUPER cute!  Harry is my fave!  As my friends and I were returning home from the party I turned on my iPod and started blasting Payphone.  My friends and I were jamming out at a red light when suddenly, I heard a honk.  I looked out my window and saw headlights and then everything went black.

**One month later**


“Hi… my name is Nicki and gosh this is really going to sound stupid and a really big favor but my best friend Abby was in a bad car accident one month ago and she is still in a coma…. *sniffles* the doctors told me today that she might not make it… *starts crying* She is 17 years old and probably your biggest fan. She is also a musician and you are her idols, so I was wondering if you c-could come to America and see her?  The doctors said she could wake up but, if she did wake up she might not make it.  Abby has been my best friend since we were three.  I know if she did wake up and she had one last wish it would be to see you guys.  I am sorry I can’t talk anymore just listen to this video of her and at gig a month ago.

I’m at a payphone trying to call home

all of my change I spent on you

where have the times gone

baby its all wrong where all the plans we made for two……

And now here is her singing What Makes You Beautiful….

Your insecure don’t know what for

you’re turning heads when you walk through the d-o-or……

I know this is a lot to ask but just please……. I can’t do this anymore. *sobs*

*recording ended*

**Nicki’s POV**

There I did it I made a video and posted it on Harry Style’s twitter but I did it so only me and Harry can see it. I really think he will say no.  I mean we are just average girls from Mississippi.  Who would want to come see us?

**Harry’s POV**

“BOYS GET OVER HERE NOW!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Then I heard four sets of feet running at full speed to me. “What’s wrong Hazza?!?!” Liam stated very concerned.  The boys all crowded around my phone.  I started the video and Nicki started talking “Well who’s this pretty girl talking in the video?” Niall said very curious. “This is Nicki and that,” I said when Abby appeared on the screen, “Is her friend Abby Smith.  Nicki sent me this video hoping we could come and see Abby since she is in a coma and might die soon.”  The boys faces suddenly turned solemn.  Liam spoke first “Well, Harry you know we can’t just fly out and see some random girl in a coma.  As nice as that would be we just can’t.  Sorry buddy.”  They all just nodded in agreement with Liam.  What part of the video I didn’t show them is the part we she starts singing.  I showed Simon that part, and he thought she was flawless and wanted her to come and record some demos with us.  As the guys started walk off I hollered over my shoulder “You better start packing boys because Simon wants to fly out there to meet her and her friend.”  They turned around dumbfounded “Oh did I forget to show you guys the part of the video where she sings flawlessly at a party?  Oops, my bad.” I say innocently.  They once again crowd around my phone while I show them the rest of the video.  “And the best part is guys,” I say while they are still watching the video, “Is that we are leaving tomorrow.”

Authors Note~~~

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