Chapter 12: Just Kiss Him!

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After what happened I sped outside to my car. Driving home as fast as I could, I felt a tear stream drown my cheek. I'm not going to cry. I told myself. I wiped the tear away and toughened up. I can't cry.

Once I was outside the garage door I could already hear screaming coming from the inside. Oh god. What have they done now?

Once I opened the door I stepped on an empty Red Bull can, one of the MANY empty Red Bull cans in the room. Liz, Niall, and Zayn were bouncing off the walls! They were jumping on the couches, screaming the lyrics to Payphone. I turned to see Liam, who was running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"Guys STOP! You guys need to get dwon before- Jackieeee!" He said when he saw me next to him.

"What are you doing here?"

"Let me think about this... well... I LIVE HERE DUMMY!" I yelled.

"Oh right." I wiped my puffy eyes and sniffled. "Have you been crying?" he asked. Once I nodded he sat me down and so did the others. They all looked concerned.

"What happened?" asked Niall.

"Well... I walked in to see Harry...he was... he was eating some girls face!" I bursts into tears.


"At least got to eat..." Niall murmered.

"Who was it? I'll kill her. I have it all planned out. First, I'll grab her at night and take her to the pizza shop on the corner. I know a guy, there who can help. I'll ask for a supreme cheese pizza with garlic. He'll give the nod and carry her to the back where-"

"LIZ!" I yelled, not wanted to hear the rest.


"It's fine."

"Well, well can you at least tell us what she looked like." Liam said.

"Well she had a fake tan, with a fake head of hair, and a fake-"

"Gabi." Zayn, Niall, and Liam said giving evil glares into the distance at the same time.

"G-Gabi?" I said, confused.

"Gabi and Harry used to go out. After Harry had broken up with her she became a little over-obsessed with him. She checked his tweets ever minute. She would find out where our next concerts would be and where we would be staying." Zayn said.

"She ruined everyother relationship Harry had with a girl. Everytime time we thought she was gone, she would come back." Niall said.

 "You wanna go get a smoooodie? Wil dat make Jackie feew betta?" Liz asked. I wiped the smearing mascara off from under my eyes and nodded.

We all walked to the smoothie place by Harry's building. Just standing by it made me scared he would come out. I didn't want to see him right now. Or ever again. Ever again will work.

We had gotten our smoothie's and went to go sit by the water. It was a bit chilly outside, so Zayn put his varsity jacket around my shoulders. Just like Harry put his Jack Wills sweater on me. Don't think about it, Jackson. Don't.

"I think we're gonna go grab a bite to eat." Niall said as he, Liam, and Liz went to stand up. (#AuthorsMoment haha get it, Stand Up... like the song... bahaha oh well I'll just keep writing now.)

"Okay, see you guys later." I said waving goodbye. Now it was just Zayna and I.

"You guys are a big help." I said, feeling better.

"Hey, you looked pretty hurt. When a girl's broken you have to put her back together, no matter how many cracks she will have."

"Another famous quote by thee Zayn Malik." I said, as he bowed down and we started to laugh.

We continued to talk when I say Harry walk out of his building. Oh crap! Wait... maybe this was good. Maybe this time I could make him jealous. Show him how it feels. Zayn and I stand up (Ha! I did it again!) about to leave, but I have to do this. Once I know Harry is watching us I get closer to Zayn.

"Zayn," I whisper, "kiss me."

"Finally." he says as he pulls me into a kiss.

Zayn POV

I noticed Jackie inching closer to me. He came up to my ear.

"Zayn," she whispered, sending chills down my spine, "kiss me." Oh my gosh. She just said the magic words.

"Finally." I said, grabbing her and kissing her. This was the perfect moment. This moment I had been waiting for since I saw her in the rain. The droplets at the end of her hair. It was the right moment. But this was even better.

Jackie POV

Once I pulled away, I saw Harry, eyeing as from the road. He looked almost as torn (I didnt it again! Torn! Omigosh I gotta stop!) as I was. I smiled and rested my head on Zayn's chest. Why did he say finally? I guess it's just something I'll never know. But for right now he comforted me. Not like Harry did but in a new way. A good way.

I slammed my car door shut and walked into the garage. This place was a fraking madhouse! Red Bull cans everyways with couch stuffing on the floor, bits and pieces of uneaten food lying around, all kinds of junk. And I'd be in deep trouble if I didn't clean it up. Got to take a risk, I thought as I threw my purse on the floor and went to my room upstairs. I took a shower and changes into some sweats. Throwing myself onto my bed, my hair going in all different directions, I smiled. Today felt good. Different, but good. Even though I still loved Harry, I had Zayn to be there when I didn't. Well, and Liz and Niall and Liam and Louis for good fashion sense. Speaking of Louis, where was he?

I went back down to the garage and searched the place, only to find him duck-taped to the bottom of the couch. Those crazy kids.

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