Chapter 4- Mimicking Aphrodite

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Chapter 4- Botichilli?

"... So, Jackson, Truth or Dare?" said Jason from across the room.

"Dare." Said Percy without hesitation.

"I Dare you to go to Long Island Sound and make a large scene via the painting Botichilli drew of Aphrodite." Said Piper. Everyone looked at her. "What, Jason would have said something stupid like 'Kiss Rachel.'" Percy looked at Jason- it seemed like Piper had been dead on. Percy stood up and headed out side. Everyone gathered at the window to watch, Leo was at the front still holding the bizarre camera ready to ruin Percys life.

"This. Will. Suck." Said Percy as he walked over to the beach, he walked into the water and summoned a couple crabs, placed them on the beach. He got Rainbow the Hippocaimpie to lift a giant sea shell on the edge of the beach. He sighed and made a wave of water come from behind and stood on the shell. He held Aphrodites scarf (Which at some point he went and got from the attic) around him and posed. A couple minutes later he went back to his cabin to strangle Jason.

"Jason, come here." He said standing outside the cabin as everyone else burst into laughter.

"ha ha ha, ya sure." Jason laughed and stepped out. Percy tackled Jason to he ground and held his sword to his throat.

"Percy!" yelled Annabeth from the cabin. The whole group ran out and ripped Percy off of Jason. Percy couldn't believe Jason- like really! They went back in the cabin and Percy sat down next to Annabeth who was giggling.

"Rachel Truth or Dare?..."

Jason- Okay, first I'm evil then I'm stupid? I think I'm seeing a pattern.

Percy- yes, but now I'm the evil one.

Me- NO, not true at all.

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