A/n: Tia on the side 

            “Why are we going to call upon the dead? Can’t we just use the sources who are alive?” Savannah asks as I prepare the ritual ground for our spell as Seth stacks up firewood. Amber surrounds the firewood with crystals, so that our powers are enhanced.

            “Because, the only people who know in-dept stuff about Xavier are the people he trust, the same ones we don’t. There is no way they will ever tell us anything.” I reply.

            “Zac might. If you trick him.” Savannah says.

            Seth, Amber, and I look up at her. I mentally cross my fingers as I ask, “Zac is allowed at the meetings?”

            “Oh no. They say he’s too young.” Savannah says, “But, Xavier might tell him stuff. And Zac has a way of knowing things he shouldn’t.”

            “Shadow people.” I offer.

            Savannah nods, “Exactly, and spirits of dead Soul Snatchers.”

            I shrug, “Either way, we’re summoning the dead.”

            “So who do you have in mind?” Amber asks me.

            “Let’s try with Tia.” It takes everything in me to say her name and not tear up. “I have a feeling she never got to finish preparing me to face my enemies.”

            “I can’t believe you’re the chosen one. Do you have the…the mark?” Amber asks.

            “The mark?” I ask her in return.         

            “Of course she doesn’t.” Seth tells her, “We’d know if she did.”

            Savannah explains, “The prophecy says that the first time you fight Xavier, you’ll be at the brink of death. But you won’t die. You’ll come right out of it all untouched, except with a mark.”

            “What will it look like?” I ask as we position ourselves around the firewood.

            “An S, except that it’ll have two fangs on both ends and a cat’s claw scratch in between.” She says simply.

            “Go figure.” Amber mumbles as I start drawing the circle. When I finish I return to my spot between Savannah and Seth.

            “You mean, this?” I lower my pants a little on my right side, showing them the scar like mark on my hipbone.

            Savannah takes in a sharp breath as Amber’s eyes widen so big they remind me of golf balls. Seth gapes and reaches out to touch it. I slap his hand away.

            “That’s it!” Savannah finds her voice and says.

            “Okay, we can discuss this later, but we need to get started on the spell. And since it’s not Samhain, it might be harder to reach her. We might not.” I tell them, “But it’s worth the shot.”

            My friends nod, still recovering from their state of shock. I start the summoning, “I summon air from the east to provide us with knowledge tonight!”

            A gush of air nearly knocks us down, coming from the east, but we stand our ground.

            I continue, “I summon fire from the south to provide us with determination tonight!”

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