Master Jason

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I felt someone shaking me. I am a light sleeper, so it didn't took me much time to open my eyes and watching an old lady saying, "Wake up." After some time I realised it was Shelley.

I got up from my bunk bed. What am I doing here? Then it hit me, all memories coming back. I am not with the old couple anymore. I have to serve the twins now. Arrogant handsome twins.

"Come on, get up quickly and head downstairs. You don't want Master Jason to be angry." I quickly got up realising the alarm in her tone. Will he slap me if I don't appear with his coffee in time.

With the fear in my mind and heart beating first, I almost dashed towards the kitchen with Shelley behind me. I saw the cup was already there on the kitchen island. I gave a quick look at the clock in the dining room before rushing up. I am ten minutes late.

"Be careful." Shelley said as I made my way upwards while she walked downwards. Careful? What is that supposed to mean. I don't have time for this now.

I pushed open my Master's door. As soon as he saw me , he snapped,"You are late." His voice was scary.

I placed the coffee neatly beside him. Looking at the ground I mumbled a little sorry.

"You know Giselle, if I tell this to my brother. What will happen to you?" There was a hint of threat in his voice. My heart beat skipped every moment almost making me feel that I would stop breathing any moment. I am feeling very scared.

He took a sip of his coffee and looked at me. I tried to apologise. "This won't happen again Master. I am really sorry. I promise I will be careful next time."

He chuckled and then took another sip. "Okay then I will forgive you and not tell my brother if you promise to stay where you are. You won't move a bit."

My heart slowed down a little. What harm can he do if I just stand here. So I just nodded approving him that I won't move. He gave me a coy smile. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to nod.

I heard him snap his fingers. The wall at the farthest end of his room moved. No it was a door! The door had the same color as that of the wall. So its possible that it would be mistaken as a part of the wall instead of door. The door slid open and soon appeared five girls.

They were all very pretty but I need to mention something else. They were all naked and they didn't look ashamed at all. They had nothing on their body, not even a single bit. Each of them had a collar around their neck. In silver letters their names were printed on their collar.

In a blink of eye they all thrust themselves towards Master and started touching him here and there. My Master got up and winked at me. The sight was new to me and it was difficult to take my eyes off. What will happen if my Master makes me turn into those?

He took a step closer to me. I want to step back but I have promised him to stay in place. Soon the space between us reduced. He put a finger under my chin and pushed up so that he could see my face. "Giselle pull down my pants now."

I widened my eyes. Alright I should never have agreed to this. I would like to get beaten than to be raped or misused. I didn't move my hands. My heart beat took its earlier speed again and I started breathing heavily. Beads of sweat started forming on my forehead even though the AC was on.

"Do it slave or..." He trailed off. This is how these rich people blackmail their slaves. When I didn't move, I felt a sharp blow on my right chin.

I stumbled and fell across the floor. I touched the part where his hand made contact and pressed it tightly. I have never felt such pain before. Tears were forming and I was on verge of crying.

"Do it slave or I will make you do it." He sounded very angry. Fear englufed me. So I sighed in defeat. Just what I imagined at the very beginning. This was all written in my fate.

I composed myself and stood up. My hands were shaking but I touched his boxers. Without a second thought I pushed it down quickly and squeezed my eyes shut.

I didn't dare to move my head or even look at him. For the next few hours I heard sounds. Sounds that made me uncomfortable and I stood awkwardly there while they acted as if I didn't exist. They seemed to enjoy themselves.

Whenever Master Jason complemented one of the girls, all the slaves erupted in laughter except me. I madly want to run away. At last much to my relief my Master got dressed.

"Thank you Giselle. You can go now. " As I attempted to go away he pushed me back making me bump against his hard chest. His torso was nagging and constantly touching my butt. "Just behave properly next time, I don't want to hurt you." He whispered in my ears.

I felt his grip loosen and I ran. I don't know how am I feeling. But I am freaking scared of him. Now I know why Shelley told me to be careful.

As I closed the door shut I ran to my room. There was only one thing that I felt like doing, Crying.

Slowly folding my legs I pressed my chest against it. I want to scream and shout at them. Please leave me. I never harmed anyone, please don't hurt me. My body was a little shaken up at the rude treatment by Jason.

I heard a soft knock on the door and my breath stopped. What did I do wrong this time?

"Giselle open the door. Its me, Shelley."

I opened the door and invited her inside. She spread her arms and grabbed me in her caring hug. I never want her to let go of me. Somehow I felt safe with Shelley. I kept on crying in her arms. I don't what the time was, seconds, minutes maybe hours. I don't care.


 I know I have got many silent readers. I hope I am successful in spreading the little message I want to about the lives of those helpless people who are also a part of our population :D

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