Chaper 5 - back to school

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Enjoy amigos!

Chapter 5

'back to school'

"okay Chloe I promised a sleepover but in grounded so were just going to have a gossip discussion" Mollie aside sitting down beside me with a bucket of Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream.

"so what's hot? Did anyone get fake boobs yet" I asked taking a spoonful of ice cream

"yep but you have to guess"

" Rachel Davis" okay Rachel Davis is the queen Bee sl_t. She sleeps with a new guy every week. Ph and heres the best part , when her boyfriend dumped her she openly admitted that she had been cheating on him. I mean who does that then tells the world she's a slut?

"ding ding ding we have a winner" she shouted don't some sort of hand dance. The weirdo...

"oh god really? How do they look"

"when she walks they don't jiggle like normal boobs should they like go up down oh god they look so funny on her"

"I can imagine, she's short and slim with now huge boobs, that my friend I can't wait to see"

She lets out a chuckle before we both eat another spoon of ice cream. Mmmm I would marry ice cream if I could.

"oh Oliver and Skye are now going out"

"finally!" i cry ,Oliver and skye are in our small circle of friends. It took them two years to get together two! I mean how can you not notice them mentally undressing eachother.

The rest of the day consisted or the new relationships being formed, ones being broken and 3 tubs of ice cream.

What a girls gotta eat!

"I have to go and feed my fish, and then do the Landry and other house crap mum asked me to do" she gives me a hug then leaves.

I glance over to the clock and notice its not even six, what am I supposed to do at this time? Sit and read, AHAHAH me read? Oh god that funny

I decide to take a nice warm bath.


The sun shines through my curtains giving my room an angelic glow but the glow is slowly erased by knowing I have to go to school.

So it's been three weeks since I've got back home and in finally going back to that prison we call school.

I had to wake up at 7 am today, 7 a freaking m. What I'm not a morning person and the only way for me to get out of bed is for me to actually push myself off the bed so I land on the floor

Hey remember I'm so not a morning person.

I get up out of bed and drag my huge ass into the bathroom.

I stand infront of the Mirror and brush my teeth because my breath smells like an animal pooped in my mouth.

I brush my hair and start doing my makeup. I put on some brown eye shadow to compliment my eyes and hair then some Mascarra. To finish it off I add a little foundation to smooth out the redness and then some baby pink blush. I also add a little lip gloss

I like the smell of lipgloss but I don't really like wearing it because it feels like geew all over my lips but hey as long as I don't look to bad.

After fifteen minutes I revise my mind memo checklist.

Hair done and not looking like a lions mane - check

Clothes look okay and not to hoboish- check

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