Dedicated to great_awesomeness for her role as Melody, one of the musicians. I know her role is short, but I really wanted to have her as one of the characters.


R & R


(Ana's POV)

"I want to show you the musicians before they start to play for tonight's feast." Morgan said, hopping around us and pulling us down the hall. "Then I need to introduce you to everyone else here."

I grabbed Aiden's arm and followed Morgan down the hall, laughing.

Morgan led us to a small room just off the Great Hall a.k.a. the throne room. Inside was a group of twelve, men and women, all elves.

They all looked to us at the open door. One of the girls came squealing towards us.

"Hey, Morgan! Who are all these people? I'm so glad to see you! Where are they from? Welcome to Avalon! We are the only and the best musicians in the whole castle! I can't wait for you guys to hear us play tonight! Did I already ask where you are from? I-"


"Oh, Tara! Did you come see our guests? Do you know where they're from? Come here and greet them! I-"

"Lily." Tara said with a groan, cutting her off.

Lily looked wide-eyed at Tara and then at us. About to open her mouth again, another girl said something, too quiet to hear, and Lily's mouth closed with magic.

"Sorry about that. Lily gets excited with everything and can never stop talking." The girl said.

Lily's brown hair fuzzed up and her green eyes were pleading. She looked like she was going to explode and I laughed.

Tara's short brown hair, light tan, and deep brown eyes were bright, shining with laughter as she watched Lily claw at her mouth.

"Melody. Let her go." Tara said.

Melody stood up, her dirty blonde hair gleaming against the light coming through the window. Her blue eyes were filled with a mischievous glimmer. She whispered something and I watched Lily's mouth open with a small yelp. Her eyes were filled with tears.

"I'm sorry Lily." Melody said, giving Lily a hug. Lily apparently was fast to recover. She did the pouty face for a few more seconds then got up and started talking with happy eyes again.

"Welcome. I know you were already asked this, but where are you from?" A deep voice asked.

Everyone turned to a tall, thin, male, with dark complexion and brown eyes and hair.

"We're from the human world. My name is Aiden. And I believe you know Ana as Princess Adrianna." Aiden said, and then introduced the rest of our group.

"I'm Ian. You already know Lily, Tara, and Melody. We are the musicians of Avalon." Ian said.

"We'd better leave you guys to practice." Morgan said, pulling us out the hall again, this time leading us outside.

We walked outside into the courtyard. There was a cobblestone walkway, surrounding a small stone planter with a cherry blossom tree. Surrounding the walkway were different colored rose bushes.

"I have someone special for you guys to meet." Morgan said, pulling us along with her through the courtyard.

There were two guys playing with swords in the courtyard a couple yards away.

"This is Vince and Kenton." She said introducing us excitedly.

Vince smiled and nodded, but Kenton just stood and stared at Kate.

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