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"WE BROUGHT CHAMPAGNE, BITCHES!!" I bursted through the front door to Keith's apartment, Aria trailing behind me with the beers and wine.

Max popped up from the couch, almost falling over.

"What th-"

"Oh please, we're practically family. I may as well have the key to this place." I stated matter-of-factly.

Aria set the booze down on the kitchen table.

"Where's Keith?" She asked.

"He's in the shower," Max nodded behind him.

Aria and I exchanged looks. We were both thinking the same thing.

I smirked, "Maxypoo, did you and Keith..."

Max's eyes popped, darting to Aria.

"She told me," Aria grinned, "don't worry, secret's safe with me."

"Well about that topic on you and Keith... why not? Have you guys not talked about it?" I asked him.

"...I don't wanna rush him," Max shrugged.

"Nothing between us is official, we've talked about it a little but we're still figuring things out. The fact that he's not afraid to kiss me is a stretch... I don't want our first time to be something he's not ready for..."

"Aww..." Aria stepped by my side, and nudged me.

Suddenly Keith walked through his bedroom door and into the living room. Using a towel to dry his hair.

"Oh, hey! I thought I heard something. What are you guys talking about?" Keith chirped, oblivious.

Max's face had gone full tomato.

"Ha, nothing! Just... uh, they brought drinks!"

Keith cocked his head to the side, curiously.

He had on jeans but no shirt on yet.

He had a slim figure, he wasn't very muscular.
On his chest laid the golden cross necklace he always wore. It was normally covered up by either a jacket, or his shirt. The boy loves to pop his collar.

I noticed Max looking at the piece of jewelry, intrigued. I guess he's never seen it.

Keith threw the towel around his neck. Holding on to the ends.

"We made cookies!" He beamed a huge grin, looking so proud, so innocent.

Aw, I love my son.

Suddenly Max was walking up to Keith, and held his face, smushing his cheeks together. Then kissed him.

"You are so. Fucking. Cute."

Keith smiled, his cheeks still smushed. Not even caring that Aria was right behind us.

"Oh my god." I heard Max mumble.

"I can't take it. Bye, guys. Come find me when he's toned his cuteness the fuck down." Max threw his hands in the air, walking away to the other room. Keith began to laugh.

It almost made me want a boyfriend... almost.

"They're so happy..." Aria whispered next to me. I looked over at her to see a soft grin.

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