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" hey there he is " i said to my friend then ran off for some point i began thinking he is really hot , cause today he was wearing  a flannel shirt with jeans and some nerdy glasses. " umm Brandon can talk to you for a minute" 

" yeah sure what do you need"

"okay so acted like your helping me with my homework but i need your help with something else" 

" whats wrong" he said looking at my math book

" well im having troble with something you

know allot about'

" which is ?"

" well Brandon i am a zombie and i dont want my prom night to become horrible cause what if i get chosen for prom queen and i turn in to a zombie  can you help change me back to a normal person  before prom night"

" well i can change you back  ......"

" yes"

" but ...."


" but i cant have it done before prom i can have it done after i can as the Principal to make prom night to a costume prom dance. but it'll take a couple of days after prom to  get you change back to a normal person"

" okay whatever it take just get me back to a person not a zombie"

" meet me at the library after school for some research Ariana"

" what do you mean research i thought you knew everything about zombies"

" i do i just don't know how to change back and if you want to be change back your going to help me find the cure"

" okay see you after school wait what library"

"bye Ariana"

" bye"

i walked back to my friends

" Ariana i need to talk to you" drew said to me

we walked to a table and sat he grabbed my hand

" babe you know how you said we wouldn't keep secerts well i fill you have one and your not telling me"

" well i do i just dont know if you'll love me for me anymore but after prom i tell i just cant tell you know"

" babe tell me i promise i wont break up with you "

" okay if i tell you will you help me and Brandon get if fixed"


" okay so i am a zombie and after prom i be backed to normal if i help Brandon"

" hahhahhaha your funny"

"OK you don't believe me come to my house at 10:30"

" alright babe i love you cause your funny"

" when i show you your going to get prove wrong" 

" well i kinda belive you"

" what do you mean you kinda believe me drew"

" well Ariana i am a zombie to"


" dont yell at me i just telling you i was afraid you would break up with me "

" but i thought you would break up with me "

" well now that we both kept a sercert we shouldn't talk for a few week Ariana."

" but we'er going out"

" i sorry but i just need a break were still going out i just want to have a break cause now that i know your a zombie two it's just to much i taking in with your cheer practice every  Monday's and friends when i have football practice every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the only time i get time to myself is over the weekend sometimes we go on dates on some weekend i sorry but just give me a few weeks." he said then got up a left

                                                            (2:40 after school at the libary)

I looked for a book on zombies i found one with a face of a princess that said " princess of the zombie WAYS TO DESTORY OUR OWN KIND" Then i saw brandon I ran over to him

" brandon look what i found'

" dude are you trying to kill your self forever"

" no"

"then becare full so i have this book of zombies and you and your boyfriend may be stuck like that forever if i dont get this done by the end of the school year"


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