Chapter five; will you?

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Conor's point of view;

Everything's just brilliant right now, apart from jack, I can tell he likes her..and I can tell el had feelings for him, at some point, but she doesn't anymore, I'd be able to tell if she did.

The car was silent as we made our way to nandos seems as we were early for the party, I put the stereo on to break the awkwardness. Then on came my first single, second in the uk charts, 'can't say no'.

Ellie reached to the up button on the volume of the front of the dash board, I placed my hand on top if he's and locked my fingers into hers. She looked at me, smiled, leaned in a pecked my cheek. Her lips felt so soft.

"el?" I called her name, she looked back at me, "yeah baby?" she said sweetly.

"I just can't say no to you!" I chuckled away at myself...she seemed so amazed, I don't think she realises how much I love her.

"I love you Conor fucking Maynard..." she said smiling as we got out of the car and into nandos. I pulled her in close against my chest and whispered gently into her ear, "I love you too Elllie Maynard...". We walked in together hand in hand...

We sat down, placed our orders and began talking.


Ellie's point of view;

"yanno there's one thing I'm surprised you don't hate about me con..." I questioned with confidence..

" like what baby?" Conor said to me...I fucking love the sound of his voice, it gives me butterfly's.

"my age.." I said with a disappointed look appearing on my face.

He put his hand in mine, moved slightly so he was directly looking at me and began..."I don't give a fuck how old you are el, your my love of my fucking life and this is the only way you'll understand so I hope this isn't going to turn out incredibly wrong..." I said taking a deep breath.

What was he trying to say? He couldn't?, he wouldn't!!?? He pulled a little grey box out of he's blazer pocket...and he looked right into my eyes, got down on one knee...and opened the box..

"will you, Ellizabeth Grimshore, take me, Conor maynard to be your lawful wedded husband and do the honour of marrying me?..." he vowed to me, there, on the floor of nandos on Oxford street..

I froze, shaking...tears racing down my face, jaw touching the ground.

"so?..." he added in suspense.

"hmm err err yeee-sss, yes, I will!!!" words rembling as they reached the tip of my tongue..I launched myself onto the floor and fell into his caring 'ill take care of you' tears soaked into his shirt.

"at least let me get the ring on your hand before you wreck my t-shirt miss Maynard?.." he said to me taking a big silver diamond ring out and placed it on to my finger..

I burst out in tears, he whipped then away with the napkin off the table. We went to the car to fetch Something, I lent against the front Bonet waiting for Conor, he leant against me causing me to fall back onto the Bonet as he kisses me passionately, VERY passionately. I couldn't help but loving it as I wrapped my arms around his neck then he grabbed my waist with his big manly hands. We went back in and began to eat, afterwards we made our way to the party...

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