Chapter 12

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Sorry this is rather short. As you will see, I had trouble brainstorming ideas for where to take this next. I wasn't sure how to write without Sage, and I'm not happy with how this turned out, but hopefully you'll like it.


So there you have it. You finally know who, or should I say what, he is. Some might think that is where this tale ends, but it isn't. But now, the tale is not who Sage is, but what happened after he was found out.

I can't remember much else from that night, or the following morning, except that I was too upset to do anything at all. Even Rachel couldn't tempt me into singing with her and her guitar; something I love doing above everything else. The rest of the holidays flew by in a dark haze, and soon I was back at school. Things between me and Sage were strained, to say the least. News travelled quickly around the school of our breakup, and rumours flew as to how it happened. The general tone though was shock. Before the holidays we had seemed inseparable, and were the cutest thing around after kittens.


Monday 17th January

"Do you fancy a kick about this lunchtime?" Danny, my best friend, asked.

"No." I replied.

He paused, looking at me pitifully. "Jeez, you're really in a bad way. You really liked him, didn't you?"

I simply nodded. I just wanted him to stop talking and let me get back to pretending I was doing whatever work I was supposed to be doing. We were in maths but it was a cover; flu seemed to have spread round the pupils and teachers like wildfire. Only about three quarters of the students were in school today, or so we were told in assembly. Danny looked at the question on the board again, thinking through it for a while before turning back to me.

"Why did you split with him, if you like him that much?" Danny asked, genuinely confused.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." I repeated.

"You keep saying that, but how do you know I wouldn't believe you?" he said yet again.

"Because I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't had the evidence to prove it. Plus, it's his secret, and if he hasn't told anyone, then I shouldn't either." I said in a tone that hinted at the end of the conversation.

However, Danny disagreed. He was having the last word. "I swear, if he shows his face in school again, I will throttle him for breaking my best mate's heart like this, but only after I've got this secret out of him." he growled.

I nodded again, my eyes glazing over as I stared at the board. Sage hadn't been in school for a week now, and even though we never talked to each other, I sorely missed seeing him around school.


Tuesday 25th January

"Ash, please can you stay behind; I need to talk to you." Mr. Thompson said as he dismissed the class.

I nodded and sat in my seat until everyone had left the room again. Mr. Thompson came and sat on a stool next to me.

"Is everything ok?"

Again, I nodded, although everything about me screamed the opposite was true. He didn't seem convinced either.

"This is about that boy, isn't it? Sage? Yes, teachers hear about who's dating who, especially in the older years."

I flinched hearing his name again, but I stayed silent all the same. I hadn't spoken any more than a few words at a time since that night, and I wasn't likely to start now.

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