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Aria's Prov

After changing into skinny black jeans, combat boots and a black tank top with my favourite necklace, I looked at the clock and noticed it was almost 5 o'clock.

I headed down stairs were I saw Lucas sitting on the couch watching a music channel looking bored. 'Hey Lucas, wanna give my bestfriend Maria and her mate Matthew and tour of the place with me?' I asked him.

Lucas looked around and almost jumped out of the chair, 'what happened? You look happy and we all know about Matthew how brave was he, that only happens when the person is chosen by fate to be a real warrior. Damn. Matthew is gonna gain a lot of strength. I bet he is gorg, huh Ar?' Lucas mumbled on, but I tuned out ages ago.

'Yeah Lucas, i'm very happy now. So you gonna go on this tour with me? I still bearly know my way around this place.' I asked.

'Okay, but you owe me.' He replied. I rolled my eyes at him and headed for the door handle the same time that someone knocked on the door.

I smiled and made the door fly open with my powers and screamed. Maria looked scared and shocked, but when she looked and Matthew's worried and confused face, she burst out laughing with me.

Haha basically my powers let me do whatever I want, to do with the elements, strength, weather everything. The only thing that worries me is the weather is conected to my emotions, so I try and stay happy for everyone's sake.

'That's not funny guys, shut up. I thought something bad happened.' Matthew complained. Lucas laughed and introduced himself to them. Maria loved him and they already made plans to go shopping and all. I turned around and hit Matthew on the arm, 'You worried because he is gay?' I asked.

'No i'm worried i'll not see my mate much.' He replied. I just laughed at him and continued around on the tour, after a lot of laughs, falls and weird jokes. It was almost 6 and we headed to dinner, were everyone will be. Even Damon.

While Maria, Matthew, Lucas and I walked into the room I noticed that everyone was sitting and hadn't touched their food yet. Oops. 'Sorry Alpha Brad, I was giving my friends a tour of the place.' I said.

'That's is quite alright child, please everyone sit done and enjoy the meal.' he replied.

The atmosphere was awkward and it seemed like some people wanted to get somethings of their backs. God I can't take this,

'Okay, if anyone has anything to say and get it of their backs, just say it already.' I shouted.

My fathers pack even bowed their heads to me, even Maria and Matthew. Matthew stood up and touched my arm, for some reason it calmed me.

Then I heard Damon growl. And Maria growl at Damon,

'Shut it Damon, he is just calming her down, gosh, you have your mate beside you, build a bridge and get over it.' Maria said.

Damon looked shocked that she spoke to him like that.

I held pride for her, I knew she would remember our quote build a bridge and get over it.

Damon stood and shouted, 'Maria Marks, don't you dare speak to me like that, i'm your Alpha and you will report to me later for your punishmennt.'

That set Matthew of and he growled at Damon which in return Damon growled at him back, so Maria growled at Damon, but what do we have little miss i'm to good for everyone butts in and growls at Maria. Dam this just never gets old.

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