Chapter One.

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It was a pretty cold day, maybe because the world decided it needed one more thing to make it officially suck. Maybe because it was just about winter time, I don’t know. Probably the latter of the two, honestly, I couldn’t care less. Today is the day I was supposed to get my new “family”….I knows it sounds like loads of fun, but, even though I hated my parents…it wasn’t. It totally sucked. I couldn’t even bring myself to imagine what type of people I was getting myself in with. The worst part, though, is how much my own parents wouldn’t care…when even I, for some reason, did. Getting a new family meant moving. Moving meant all new friends and an all new school. All new school meant, pretty much, I was fucked. I hardly even found anyone who would tolerate me and my “crazy death talk” at my last school! How was I supposed to find anyone now? I guess I could try to fit in….but what would I want that for? Answer is I wouldn’t. And I don’t.

After the third time of my alarm trying to wake me up I pulled me out of bed. I didn’t want to get up; in fact, I wanted to sleep the day away. Hell, I wanted to sleep the rest of my life away. Seeing as how that wasn’t possible unless I took an overdose of weed and then…slept for a while before I really “slept” for the rest of time…and also noticing how I had a lack of weed…I decided to get up and face whatever was to come.

“How bad could it be?” I asked myself out loud, instantly regretting what I had just said…I probably just jinxed myself. And that meant today would most likely suck even more.

Getting up from my bed and opening my door to walk downstairs, I was instantly hit with voices coming from downstairs. Not like crazy schitzo voices, but the voice of my mom…and some other man and woman I didn’t recognize. Slowly, I trudged down the stairs knowing they were right at the bottom; I tried to stay invisible as much as I could.

“Oh!” my mom said in a cheery voice which wasn’t ever used when it was just me, her and my dad. She shattered my dream of not being seen. “There she is…hey Zarah! Come down here, sweetie!”

“Coming…” I moaned, knowing she was putting on a big show, most likely in front of my new “family”.

When I got down to where they were standing my mom pulled me close to her and hugged me. “Why so grumpy, beautiful?” she smiled down at me.

I gave her the biggest fake smile I could.

Then she motioned towards the man and woman who were standing in front of the door. “These are your foster parents.” She said joyfully.

I knew she was joyful, and relieved. Finally, after 14 years she was getting rid of me. She was probably more joyful than she ever had been in her entire life. I took in the appearance of both of my new parents. For some reason, I kind of hated them already. They looked so happy. Who could be happy to take in a child that wasn’t even theirs? Who could be happy about that child being as screwed up as me? Of course, they probably didn’t know anything about me yet. If they knew anything it was probably something my mom told them about how great I am…just so she could get me out of her house.

“Hi.” I said to the man and woman.

“Hi, there.” They both said and smiled. The guy held out his hand. I didn’t take it. Abruptly he pulled it back and put it in the pocket of his cargo shorts. “My name is Michael. And this…” he motioned towards his wife, “Is Marie. It’s good to meet you, Zarah…right?”


Marie looked me over and apparently just realizing I was still in my pajamas she sent me up to get changed and packed so that we could leave when I got back. I left as soon as I could, glad to get away even just for a little while. On the way I was wondering if this is usually how people got put in a new family. I figured that regularly kids were taken from their parents and forced into another home. I guess this was kind of like that…except no matter how many times I tried to tell myself this was going to suck…and no matter how much I had decided to hate Marie and Michael…I was relieved, probably as much as my mom, to get out of that house.

I couldn’t wait.


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