Chapter 3- Is that a chicken up there?

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Chapter 3- is that a chicken up there?

"... Jason, Truth or Dare?" said Percy. Jason looked up.

"Uh... Dare." Said Jason. Percy thought for a moment then snapped his fingers.

"I Dare you to 'fly' up to the top of the Big House and do the chicken dance." Jasons jaw dropped and everyone laughed. He stood up and went over to the base of the Big House. He 'flew' up and stood on the top. A small group started gathering around the Big House. Jason gulped and- before he knew it, the actual music started blaring and Jason cursed as he danced, with camera flashes below. He jumped off the roof and hid by Thalias tree till the crowd left. When he went back in the cabin everyone was laughing. He sat back down next to Piper. She giggled when she noticed he was blushing.

"I think you where a very funny chicken." She laughed which made Jason blush even more.

"Ya, well, I guess it's my turn." He looked around the room and his eyes locked on Percy- he was so getting it.

"Percy Truth or Dare?" Percy blinked.

"But I just asked you." He said.

"Yes, but you were asking for Grover, you haven't gone yet. So, Jackson, Truth or Dare?"

Jason- why am I so evil?

Me- because I couldn't think of how you would really react.

Jason- oh

Me- I REALLY need help with TRUTHS, so send some truths- I suck at truths.

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